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Video: Homemade tofu

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It often appears as if China's headlong charge to embrace modernity is done with no concern for tradition. There are plenty of people however who strive to keep old customs alive. The owners and employees of Tusheng Shiguan (土生食馆) are doing so in the realm of food.

The restaurant, located in the Loft Jinding 1919 complex, features food grown on the Yang family farm. They use natural fertilizers, no pesticides and their livestock are hormone free. On their farm and at their restaurant, the Yangs incorporate ideas from the Slow Food movement. Billed as an alternative to fast food, they stress sustainable food production and eschew factory farming techniques in favor of local tradition.

What the Yangs can make by hand they do, sometimes using electrical appliances for expedience, but always with an eye on the past. This ranges from the alcohol they serve to many of their specialty dishes. The Yangs make their own spicy fermented bean curd — locally referred to as lufu (卤腐) — as well soy milk and tofu.

Tusheng Shiguan's proprietors were kind enough to show us how they make their tofu fresh every morning. GoKunming would like to thank the Yang family for the access they afforded us as well as for taking the time to create healthy and delicious food.

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I always wondered how tofu was made.
Thanks Kris for this wonderful video.
Very interesting.

The people in it seem so humble.

Nice. Looks like it follows the same process as paneer cheese.

I enjoyed that. Thanks Kris. For others, check out the 'Bite of China' documentary series that also covers how tofu is made.

Badass video.

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