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Looking for a priest

ShiFang (9 posts) • 0

As far as I know, the Catholic church as such is illegal in China, there only is the state-controlled Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association which is somewhat different as it appoints it's own priests and does not recognise the authority of the Vatican.

I know of a Christian church on Renminzhonglu, a few hundert meters east of Xiaoximen, you might want to try speaking to the priests there.

AlPage48 (1392 posts) • 0

You have to be a bit careful with terminology. Christians in China have two divisions, those being Catholic and Protestant. ShiFang is partially correct, in that the ROMAN Catholic church is (at present) barred in China.

@minus - your post did not indicate whether or not you were looking for an English speaking priest or otherwise.

Chingis (242 posts) • 0

I know a Father Phil who officiated at my wedding a few years go. He is Kunming based and makes sausages in his spare time. His English is not perfect, but good enough.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

There's also Father Ted who's Irish Catholic. His English is not perfect and he's a numismatic. Offer him a pint and he's up for anything.

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