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Forums > Living in Kunming > Hospital recommendations for giving birth

I haven't said that Angel isn't a good choice, I said in terms of quality and efficiency it's not the only choice in KM. If Angel is so popular as you said I can't explain why a lot of wealthy people I know didn't choose it. In my humble and limited experience I know other hospitals (Shi Fu You included) which have better feedbacks and, about them, I never heard about the lack of service you mentioned in your post.
About the statistics I posted, they simply show a decrease of fatality rate in China throughout the years (that goes together with the developments of the healthcare) so I think it's useful for the people who may think giving birth in public hospitals here is more dangerous than in other developed countries.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Hospital recommendations for giving birth

I don't really understand how somebody may think Angel would be the only place to go. When it comes to giving birth I think the main concern should be doctors/staff quality and experience, there are many options in a city of 7 millions people where everyday many of them give birth smoothly.

I know that it may sound strange to some expats, but locals also look for quality, no matter how rich or poor they are when it comes to such an important day Chinese people (in particular) will pay the money to have the best experience. If Angel or other fancy hospitals for foreigners are not so popular here there should be a reason. There is a high number of wealthy people in Kunming, if many of them eventually decide not going there the reason probably isn't the price.
Like everywhere, I guess the best would be ask more local people about it, collect their feedbacks and finally choose according to that.

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i see you are underestimating the real

meaning of drops in the ocean.
It is not about summing up electrons but more about the educational message for the new generations.

What may be impossible to reach now can be done in the future thanks to the effort of bringing awareness today.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Advice for Visa application in Hong Kong

forever bright still works very well, contact them in advance by wechat and ask them all the details about your application, they are extremely informed and connected.
Prices are not cheap for sure, especially if you ask for urgent delivery.
About accommodation I would skip the dirty chunking mansion,one of the filthiest and dodgiest accommodation in south east Asia, but that's just my personal taste.


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people predicting the fast bankrupt of these companies are probably underestimating the power of advertising..plenty of phone numbers and weixin account collected,ready to forward to the best buyer, isn't that similar to how Facebook makes money finally?

@fixit we are getting far from the point, I'm not saying that a teacher should only spend time with good students, I'm saying that the teacher should use his experience to advice all students according to their ability..if somebody is struggling with business but it's better in art why wasting time teaching him business? failing him has not to be intended as a shame but more as a service, closing some doors to be able to open others. teacher s ability shouldnt be measured by the amount of people he passes/fails but more about how good he is in showing a future successful path for his students.

@fixit now i understand why we have different views. in my opinion excellence is everything, one beethoven can inspire millions of musicians that will probably never reach his level but will surely get better because of him. the same for Newton in science, van gogh in art, the french enlightenment in literature and so on. they are genius, they are examples and can inspire for generations,that's why we study them at school. but they would have been nothing without an example to get knowledge and inspiration from. recognizing a potential genius and not spend enough time on him it's a negligence that would affect not only him but the entire society and its progress.

@fixit now I'm getting confused about your are saying it is easy to teach every kid what they need to learn. i agree on this, we often realize that many kids don't need to learn English,piano or other specific subjects like business etc, so teachers job can be well done advising them to spend time in something they are good at, and possibly helping in finding a specific teacher for that. tiger was also telling you the same, why wasting time in class on people who are not good at studying when that time can be used to people who are good? i met amazing people who had a very low education but they were smart to dedicate time in what they liked and became an excellence in that (helping their personal growth aswell). then i met tons of graduated people who are still confused about what to do with their life because they weren't lucky enough to get proper advices.

@fixit i don't wanna turn this topic into a football conversation but i just don't agreewith you.,if you move ronaldo bale and benzema behind, then shift pepe marcelo and ramos ahead you won't get the same result,we don't need to be professional coaches to understand this. put the right people at the right place is the foundation of every successful team in every kind of project. you said you adviced a student to try to become an artist and he succeeded, great! thanks to your experience you understood what was his best quality and you adviced him well. That was the best thing you could do as a teacher,instead of wasting your and his time keeping him in class studying something he was no good at. showing directions is not giving up,discouraging or leaving people behind, it's just doing well the teaching job, helping students in finding their way and becoming adults.


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