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Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone try the "extra luggage" guy in the clasifieds?

I used this service when I left Kunming on Thursday.

The rates were quite reasonable (or so I thought).

I would recommend doing some research about customs procedures in your destination country, though. Having never freighted anything internationally I put all my faith in ADP's advice. Before I contracted with ADP I figured there may be some additional fees payable in my destination country so I asked ADP and was given an UNEQUIVOCAL assurance that there would not be any additional fees payable and that all I would need to do to collect my luggage was present my passport. I entered into the contract on this basis.

I was told I could do this three hours after the luggage arrived. So I tried and I was told it would not be available until today and that I would be charged a warehousing fee for the weekend. I went back today and was told to go to customs first. I then had to go through the rigmarole of filling out forms, etc before being told that the bag required inspection by customs as a matter of course, and that there was a further fee applicable for this service, but customs could only inspect it tomorrow which also meant another day of warehousing fees.

In short, I am paying more than double what I thought I would be because I am a n00b.

Forums > Food & Drink > Lazy Lazy Bones

Lazy Bones is a curious service indeed.

A piping hot Thai soup we ordered recently was delivered to us contained in the bottom of a plastic bag... a plastic bag... full of hot soup...

Thankfully it burst before we were tempted to imbibe any carcinogens.


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so three friends walk into a cafe/gallery, right?

we sit at the counter, get handed menus and order a coke and a ginger tea.

the attendant appears confused and rummages through a cupboard behind a counter for two minutes.

he then sits and smokes.

again, we ask for a coke and a ginger tea, as well as a chocolate milkshake. he appears astonished, but disappears out the back and returns with a ginger tea complete with a lovely detergent bubble froth.

he then sits and smokes.

we ask again for the coke and the chocolate milkshake. he appears confused so we direct him to the fridge behind the counter and he gives us a coke can.

he then sits and smokes.

we ask again for the chocolate milkshake. he appears quite agitated and fumbles around in the cupboard behind the counter. we overhear him phoning somebody to enquire about this thoroughly exotic milk-based delicacy. he puts the phone down and fumbles through the cupboard.

he then sits and smokes.

realising he may not be the most capable attendant we cancel the order for the chocolate milkshake, hand back the ginger tea complete with a lovely detergent bubble froth, and settle the bill.

he then sits and smokes.

as for the art... the most compelling thing on the walls was an assembly of approximately 16 light switches and dimmers.