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Lazy Lazy Bones

Xiefei (511 posts) • 0

A bunch of us headed over to Lazy Bones in Think UK for some pizza buffet action yesterday, only to find that the place is closed for renovation until next year and they won't even be delivering from their restaurant until after Christmas.
It would be a good idea, especially if they'd like people to form the habit of showing up there to eat, to announce this sort of thing (it's not even on their official website). Of course, then they might have to change their name.

lenguin (1 post) • 0

We also headed to Lazy Bones to find it closed. Prior to going to Lazy Bones we checked gokunming.com prior to re-confirm the "all you can eat" Wednesday special.

Nobody! Not nobody likes to get "jacked around." After we found Lazy Bones closed we called the main number for Lazy Bones only to find that everyone over there was hopelessly in the dark ?%&$#@!

With the benefits of "gokunming.com" and available to the "whole universe" it would be prudent to let the "whole world" know if your not selling pizzas when you; otherwise, state so on your website!

Its time to wake up and smell the coffee!

kickkick (51 posts) • 0

Lazy Bones is a curious service indeed.

A piping hot Thai soup we ordered recently was delivered to us contained in the bottom of a plastic bag... a plastic bag... full of hot soup...

Thankfully it burst before we were tempted to imbibe any carcinogens.

Lbones (27 posts) • 0

Dear Customers,

We are going to be closed til January. I informed gokunming yesterday morning that we would not be doing all you can eat pizza and could they take it down which they did not. I apologise for this. We will be delivering again starting tomorrow evening. As for kickkick I responded to the e-mail that you sent our company and offered you a full refund and also explained to you that not all restaurants have proper containers and some choose to deliver soup in a bag. We have dealt with this matter and Thai Lai will not be in the next menu, which by the way will be coming out next week. If you respond to the e-mail I sent you we can give the refund to you right away. Again I am sorry to all of you who showed up and found out that we were closed. Have a Happy Holidays and see you all in the New Year.


Lazy Bones

chris (144 posts) • 0

We got an email just before noon on Wednesday asking us to take Wednesday's event down just hours before it would have started.

We are pretty busy so a little advance warning - ideally at least 24 hours - would be much appreciated.

MVKrigline (3 posts) • 0

Nice apology letter, Lazy Bones. We all know that "stuff happens" unexpectedly, esp here. If I can add a suggestion: please put a sign in English on your door (the only one I saw today said "ting ye zhong" (i.e., temporarily closed, but how many of us Laowai can read that?). We asked an employee when you would re-open and he said "Chun jie hou" and when pressed changed that to January. Still, I'm glad you'll be back open soon.

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