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DJs need to eat too!! (about Uprock entry fees)

shonny (1 post) • 0

You might have noticed that recently there have been more entry fees for Uprock parties than there used to be....
This is because Uprock is making a strong effort to bring more variety and more color to the Kunming night life.

We will have DJs and bands coming from all over China...and beyond. Over the next couple months there will be DJs visiting from Belgium, Australia, Beijing, Chengdu, Dali, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and more...
Entry fees are going directly to the performers, to pay for their plane tickets and living costs while visiting the Spring City.

So when you see an entry ticket, don't grumble! It mean's you are in for an awesome, remorable show! Support good music and have a good time! And remember...musicians need to eat too!

Hope you enjoy the lineup we have planned....we are sure excited about it!

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

oh, you said it, but nobody heard you.... so I guess that leaves more swill for the little piggies.

BigBoy69 (9 posts) • 0

What kick kick means is that the Dj's that play in your bar are often shite and not worth listening to even if they are free. Uprock is a soulless club that people only seem to go to because of a lack of anywhere else to go. couple this with shit music and asking people to pay to be in that hole quite rightly pisses people off and convinces them to go somewhere else, which isn't difficult to do anyway.

onomatopoeiaaah (51 posts) • 0

Solid point there bigboy69, people only go there because there's nowhere else to go but they can go go somewhere else because it's easy to do so. Damn, you're a sharp one.

Give these guys a break, they are trying to mix it up a bit in a town that has a pretty drab club scene. In my experience it's the people you're with and what you make of it anyway, regardless of the surroundings. Also, 25 kuai is hardly expensive considering you get a free beer. I think the complaints are reflective of largely tight-fisted foreign community here rather than over-pricing.

I'm guessing kickkicks comments were actually about DJs in general, that's why i asked him/her to elaborate, but thanks for clearing that up for me anyway bigboy69.

fogdear (99 posts) • 0

I think from all this Shonny has learned 1 thing. Post in the announcements and not in the forum. That way, people can't comment.

hetszunyu (11 posts) • 0

You should call that place "UpDnB" or "UpTrance" :) Seriously, there was no place from sep 2008-july 2009 in Kunming which plays good rock music all the time, except from a few concerts. I dunno what's the situation now though...

Ouyang (243 posts) • 0

But I don't think it's fair to be so critical of the DJs because very few people like Rock and Roll music let alone listen to it in China. It would be like trying to find a good yodelling club in the US.

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