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Stolen Nichole Fahri Jacket (Babi Club Kundun)

putonghua73 (34 posts) • 0

Dear all,

My beautiful, irreplaceable and expensive (450 pounds) brown leather Nichole Fahri jacket was stolen from Babi Club Kundu today (last night).

If anyone has seen it, or has found it, then please please let me know. I stupidly took it off and placed it on a stool to chat up a Chinese girl who was already with someone (doh) - if I tried chatting up her friend who I liked and spoken to earlier, I would have never taken it off!

This is a plea from someone stupid, to please please please return my jacket. Keep my goddamn iPhone, my other phone (but return my keys) and keep the Oyster, Octopus and Suica cards - but please give me back my brown leather Nichole Fahri jacket.

Be assured that if I ever see that jacket in Kunming, it is mine and you are a dead person!

I would provide my phone number but that would be no use since it's in my jacket that was stolen!

If anyone has seen it or has it then please email: [email protected]

Yeah, I take full responsibility and blame for leaving my jacket on a stool to be stolen. But on the off-chance that anyone may have taken it by accident, then I'd REALLY appreciate if you could return it.


P.s. There's a lesson in the above. Go for her FRIEND (whom you like) next time. Her friend actually helped me tried to find the jacket by asking the staff to search through the 'lost and found' items. Sadly, my jacket was not there.

I couldn't even get her friend's number as I\
have no phone!

Epic fail all round =/

putonghua73 (34 posts) • 0


Ha ha! I really am crap (massive understatement) at that sort of thing. Looking for someone - a nice, practical mid-30s non-smoking Chinese woman - in all the wrong places. Irrational exuberance.


Appreciate your good wishes - even though I was culpable in causing the situation. In all honesty, this kind of thing happens in all cities - including in the UK. I've lost count how many female friends had their handbags (inc. money, keys, credit cards, etc) stolen in London.

I would sincerely like to thank (谢谢您) the short-haired girl [the 'friend'] because she was incredibly sweet and went out of her way to help me try to find it by looking around with me and asking the staff, searching the 'lost and found' section, etc. I feel like such a dick (/facepalm).

I *loved* that jacket and am crying on the inside. Yet I *still* had a fantastic time last night!

Time to move on. Goodbye dark, chocolate brown jacket. I'll miss you.

Danmairen (510 posts) • 0

Weird coincidence. I was at Babi too that night and I lost my bus card. I stupidly left it on a stool to chat up some Chinese girl - at least I think it was a girl, I was fairly drunk.

Please please please return my bus card. It still had 13.40 yuan on it and the card itself is worth 20 kuai. You can keep the iPhone it was attached to as long as I get my card back.

I would provide my address but that would be no use since I can't get home now anyway.

Be assured that if I ever see you with a bus card in Kunming it is mine and you are dead!

If you took my card by accident I'll be the guy sleeping outside "Brother Wang's Noodle Palace" on the west side of Kundu.

I would sincerely like to thank absolutely no one of the people I asked for help to look for my card. Bastards.

PS. There is a lesson in the above as well but I am not sure what it is.

Texas Boy (117 posts) • 0

Gee Danmairen - sorry to hear of your great loss! I can spare an extra 10 kuai if that will help y6ou get a new bus card. Look for it on Beijing Lu just north of the North Train Station. I left it there in the middle of the road.

CalMatt (25 posts) • 0

What're you doing wearing a jacket in this weather? :)

It might be worth having a look on Taobao in the coming days, as whomever jacked your coat could probably use the 5,000 odd kuai it could fetch more than the warmth.

You sure it wasn't the fellow whose girl you were chatting up that stole your stuff?

bucko (688 posts) • 0

If you truly love something, then you will let it go. BTW, it's a little tight in the shoulders.

putonghua73 (34 posts) • 0

^ Slag ;)

I'm still paying for that weekend in Kundu - as I've had a cold, and now a rotten cough, although my school are plying me with Chinese medicine which is sweet (as the teachers all stand around me to see my grimace as I swallow).

It's Friday night again, but I'll be heading to Carrefour (or equivalent) to find some Ovaltine, a pair of slippers and I'll stay in with my Chinese homework. Looks like I have no choice since someone whom I was tentatively scheduled to meet tonight has gone quiet i.e. no reply.

DaMiao (66 posts) • 0

It's a little late now,but did you think to call 110? How about letting the management know that your coat was stolen? They generally don't like too big a ruckus and a 5000 RMB "irreplacable" jacket, plus a couple of phones might have been worth causing a scene. The police/management probably could have viewed the security tape and perhaps even identified the culprit. A theft of over 2000 RMB is a fairly "serious" crime and could get someone 2 or 3 years in jail,even IF the "stupid" lao wai practically gave them the goods.Oh yeah, if you bought travel insurance, they might have even covered your losses, IF you filed a police report.

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