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What Tiger is pointing out that if someone wishes to find a tutor to learn Chinese, then that person ought to look for someone who is qualified i.e. undergrad / graduate in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language or Linguistics.

I also infer that Tiger's other point that if one is offering a commercial service i.e. in return for remuneration [payment], then one ought to place their advert in an appropriate place [classifieds].

I aslo agree with Tiger in that stating that you are fluent in "broken English" is an oxymoron! Your statement flies in the face of the definition of fluency!

In response to measure how much one should be paid, it's based upon a mixture of ability and supply and demand i.e. what the market will pay. With that, a good tutor / teacher is worth their weight in gold - but I'd still expect them to be appropriately qualified for the service that they are offering.

Hence from your advert, I gauge that you could potentially be qualified to act as a tutor for Chinese Literature or Chinese Culture (post-graduate in Chinese Literature) but for my money being a native-speaker is not enough to act as a language tutor

I'm not deliberately being a "douche-bag" (I shall be forever indebited to Gaoxing for using this term) leanne_mimi, more that I wish to provide constructive criticism on how to focus and improve your advert - without my usual 20% fee! Bravo philanthropist! ;)


Forums > Living in Kunming > iPhone usage in KunMing

Ok! Original factory unlocked phone - good!

Have you jailbroken it to access non-Apple approved software? If you have, then you'll need to sit on your hands until an unlock is written for 4.0.2 (unless you can downgrade the Firmware to v4.0.1; if you haven't jailbroken it, then put in your original SIM card, and connct your iPhone 4 to iTunes and use the restore backup option (not restore original settings).

We can then examine the options, depending on whether or not you have jailbroken your iPhone 4.

Forums > Living in Kunming > iPhone usage in KunMing


When you bought your iPhone 4, did you buy:
1. a factory unlocked iPhone, or
2. software unlocked (jailbroken) iPhone

The reason for asking is that in order to diagnose your problem - as Bucko has stated - we must be specific as to whether or not your iPhone has been jailbroken. If your iPhone has been jailbroken, then you must NEVER use iTunes for software updates.

Presuming that your iPhone has been factory unlocked, then you shouldn't (*cough*) have an issue with software updates via iTunes. I *coughed* because quite a number of people have been experiencing software update issues with legitimately factory unlocked iPhones.

My friend updated her iPhone 3G (unlocked by telco back in UK - not software unlocked) to the latest O/S update via iTunes and she experienced the same issue re: update did not recognise her SIM card. She restored original settings. No dice. It wasn't until she used iTunes to restore her backup that the update worked and things were back to normal.

If your iPhone is software jailbroken, then as Bucko states, you'll need to wait until an unlock has been released, or you can downgrade via Cydia.

FWIW, the pain of using iTunes is the reason I'm switching to a HTC Desire when I return to the UK in a few weeks.


Forums > Living in Kunming > TURTLE TEMPLE

I think you mean 圆通寺 (Yuan Tong Temple), which is on the eponymous street re: Yuan Tong Jie (圆通街)。


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I like the colour scheme and the initial layout. However, the forum / posting features are basic - especially the layout of posts contained (constrained) in a frame, hard to read and follow, and has a mid-90s feel.

Appreciate if you could look at the possibility - based upon feedback / user-polls - of moving posts to the left-side of the screen, and have threaded posts.

The introduction of a PM [personal message] feature is much welcome, although sadly I expect the necessity of terms and conditions of usage due to "douche-bags" who cannot play nicely and may (ab)use the feature to send a series of abusive messages.


Good review.

I went this weekend with some other students (via cab - approx 40 yuan from 东风东路).

I really enjoyed the setting, as it is extremely peaceful, and the surrounding hills look ideal for exploring - if one has a bike (scooter / mountain bike).

Spent approx 90 mins exploring the temple, looking at the arhats, and talking to a Chinese woman who was learning Japanese, accompanied by her Japanese teacher.

Sadly, we didn't have the opportunity to eat the vegetarian food - although I am a vegetarian - because my class-mates had eaten previously.

I much preferred this temple to Yuantong; and it is nice to be occasionally reminded of Japan (in terms of temples, shrines, etc - and women, let's not forget ;)).

Half a morning / afternoon trip, so would recommend combining with another activity in the vicinity.

Addendum: my 2 female friends just arrived back [home] to complain that they were harassed to buy more alcohol and food.

My female friends wanted Tsingtao beer, to be told that they would not be sold Tsingtao as it's too cheap (12 yuan). They were arm-twisted to buy a more expensive beer. Then after they bought Sol beer, not only was the beer room-temperature, but they constantly badgered to buy food, inquiries asking if they were hungry, etc.

They left to go to Aoma's after that, and had a much better experience in a much more relaxed atmosphere.

Camel Bar 滚蛋

Just came back from Camel Bar after experiencing one of the most bizarre and retarded 'rules' for being 'allowed' to watch a World Cup game.

There is effectively a table fee of 180 yuan (which includes 12 bottles of beer and some popcorn, and a little bit of other food) which you have to pay if you wish to sit and watch a game.

Here's the kicker: I and two others met some (4) friends who already had paid this fee and were happily watching the game. We went to sit with them only to be told that we could sit around the table i.e. in front - thus obscuring the view for them of the game - but not alongside as that would necessitate another 180 yuan table fee!

Admission / seating fees to watch a World Cup game in a bar is retarded at best, as one will buy drinks anyway, but then to be told that effectively a table can only hold 4 people (sitting the other side - and thus in front of the other 4, blocking their view of the game - defeats the purpose of wishing to watch the game ..) when the bar was empty besides one or two others, was the final straw.

I decided to take my custom elsewhere, as there are plenty of other places showing the game - and with projectors.

The other insult was that the projector was slightly fuzzy, distorting the image.

I shan't be going back either during or after the World Cup.




The "two beautiful girls that bake the bread" also happen to be the owners.

Not that I disagree with you, mind you ;)