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do you need a chinese tutor

leanne_mimi (2 posts) • 0

i'm a post-graduate student of chinese literature in normal university. if you want to learn chinese, chinese literature or chinese culture, i can be a good tutor for you.
and i'm a chinese girl who speaks broken english quite fluently. if you don't even know a word of chinese, you can understand me completely.

Tiger (66 posts) • 0

What is more important; Chinese literature or Chinese culture? Define a good tutor? Is it possible to be fluent with broken English? What is the difference between Classified and Forums?

leanne_mimi (2 posts) • 0

neither can be more important. it depends on which one you prefer. like every kind of literature and culture, literature reflects the culture, and culture is influenced by its literature.
what i meant about broken english is i speak a kind of chinglish, like what i am writing in now. but i can make sure that we understand each other quite well. can you? i hope so.
let me answer the second and last question. a good tutor should have strong responsibility and good ability on teaching the student something really useful in a interesting way, with regular teaching. and then, what's the difference between classified and forums? the learning can't be regular with forums. learning language is different from other kinds of learning. regular plan and practice is very important. and what is more, you need to listen to the tutor and speak out. if you can't speak, in what way can you use the language? and last, a good tutor should be paid. how can you measure how much should be paid through forums?

putonghua73 (34 posts) • 0

What Tiger is pointing out that if someone wishes to find a tutor to learn Chinese, then that person ought to look for someone who is qualified i.e. undergrad / graduate in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language or Linguistics.

I also infer that Tiger's other point that if one is offering a commercial service i.e. in return for remuneration [payment], then one ought to place their advert in an appropriate place [classifieds].

I aslo agree with Tiger in that stating that you are fluent in "broken English" is an oxymoron! Your statement flies in the face of the definition of fluency!

In response to measure how much one should be paid, it's based upon a mixture of ability and supply and demand i.e. what the market will pay. With that, a good tutor / teacher is worth their weight in gold - but I'd still expect them to be appropriately qualified for the service that they are offering.

Hence from your advert, I gauge that you could potentially be qualified to act as a tutor for Chinese Literature or Chinese Culture (post-graduate in Chinese Literature) but for my money being a native-speaker is not enough to act as a language tutor

I'm not deliberately being a "douche-bag" (I shall be forever indebited to Gaoxing for using this term) leanne_mimi, more that I wish to provide constructive criticism on how to focus and improve your advert - without my usual 20% fee! Bravo philanthropist! ;)


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