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Kunming police launch website for foreigners

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The Public Security Bureau of Kunming's Xishan district unveiled a new English-language website yesterday aimed at foreign residents of the district as well as foreigners planning on visiting Kunming and China in general.

The police website highlights police services, laws and regulations and announcements relevant to foreigners living in the Xishan district, including downloadable applications and forms and even a directory of all the police stations located throughout the district.

The new website comes on the heels of the Kunming government's recently launched English-language portal and is part of a drive to make the municipal government more transparent and accessible to Kunming residents and businesses.

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I think it's about time. Kunming is a tourist designation so I think it's a GREAT idea. I think they should also think in terms of having ALL signs in multi-languages. This will make it feel like a friendly place to visit and even live in.

For sure it's great idea but hope there some people beyond to make it successful! i notice that yesterday and i sent to their e mails two quearys about visa but i have not got any response !!!

yes i am

The home page is in English but when you click on most of the links they take you to Chinese pages. When I go to the American page everything's in Chinese, but at least it plays a MIDI file of the national anthem so I can sing along in English.

i am from india, i am to visit kunming in coming days, will it be helpful to me ?

As usual, it's nothing but a show. The "laws" may be written, but until there is rule of law, it's all a bad joke. They are deluding themselves.


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