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Maybe it's the usual longing for something that is not so readily available, but McDonald's, BK, KFC, Taco Bell, and any other "fast" food one can name is at lowest end of what I consider edible. It consists of poor quality ingredients, laden with fat and sugar and of little nutritional value. The corporate versions of fast food that my country, the U.S. has exported to the rest of the world is creating the same health problems that has led the U.S. obesity and heart disease.

Oh, and for those of you who want to have a "ciggy" after eating such terrible food, just walk outside instead of inflicting your habit on everyone around you.

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While there are small school supplies stores scattered throughout the city, it's highly unlikely they will have blackboard paint. The largest collection of school supply stores (numbering in the hundreds?) is in lou si wan in Chengong district south of Kunming. Though its theoretically a wholesale market, retail purchases are possible at higher per piece prices. It also helps pricing if you are not wai guo ren ;-) However, you are more likely to find the paint at a paint store.


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The Aholes in the "Don't Touch Me" vehicles, especially with white license plates (most likely fake) are a fact of life that none of us are going to individually alter.

My understanding of the history of car culture is that the U.S. Had similar issues with incompetent drivers in the post-WWII period when many first time buyers bought cars. The problem is exacerbated in China because so many new drivers have not grown up in motor vehicles and don't have a good sense of the time/speed/distance sensibilities of an automobile vs a bike.
Like so many other things it will evolve and (hopefully) improve over time.

As the title of your article indicates, the whole thing is a mind over matter issue. Try to do your best to let the craziness wash over you and remind yourself of how wonderful it is to be in Kunming and Yunnan. I, for one, miss it terribly, growing pains and all.

I just took delivery and flipped through the pages. It's well written and does a good job giving a bit of the cultural and regional flavor of Yunnan in addition to the recipes. The recipes provide alternate suggestions fo ingredients that may not be available outside of Yunnan. I've already bookmarked a half dozen to prepare in the next two weeks. (I wish the printing of the photos had been a bit better. They are a little too dark, but the originals were probably just fine.). Regardless, if you love Yunnan cuisine and miss it, this is a wonderful resource.

The Chinese government is under no obligation whatsoever to have any, "respect for the integrity of religious practice." Mao himself declared that "religion is poison," and that philosophy has served both theccgovernment of the PRC and Chinese people well for decades.

Patrick, well done. I know how much work goes into designing a new site and transitioning all of the content. It looks great. Thanks for continuing to build on this useful and informative site. For those of us who have some roots in Kunming but don't get back there often enough, goKunming is a great way to stay informed. Again, congratulations on a job well done!


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