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Burger King

Geezer (1953 posts) • 0

I hope so! BK is not my favorite but I did like the one in T3 in Beijing's Capital airport. It was always crowded but the line moved quickly. Last May it had changed. No lines, empty seats and no BK taste. Hope we get a good one.

Shyam (244 posts) • 0

Is BK in China anything like BK in the U.S.? By that, I mean flame-broiled, smokey-tasting beef. For me, that makes all the difference.

mPRin (821 posts) • 0

Great news. I hope it's true. The only BK i've been to in China is the one at Shanghai airport. Yep, they were char grilled (flame broiled?) there!

Shyam (244 posts) • 0

I'm kicking myself, now. When I was in Shenzhen a few weeks back, I could have eaten lunch at a BK! (Instead, we had mamahuhu de pizza!)

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

I don't know the date, but it is true. BK is coming to KMG. There are two locations. There is one downtown in the Golden Eagle mall on the 3rd or 4th floor above H&M, and a buddy of mine said there was one opening in the mall across from Carrefour on Beijing Rd. I personally saw the one in the Golden Eagle mall. I looked inside the door, and the counter was mostly constructed, and workers were working on the rest of the restaurant.

The Dudeson's (1106 posts) • 0

Wow BK must have become some gourmet temple according to the posts above. As much as I know it's just another crappy fast food chain although better than the rest.

also as much as I know they don't grill as normal people would do. grilling from an uncooked or raw state to done over fire or heat, for that the meat is to greasy. i forgot how it works but they still fry it and grill or heat it up.

i guess thats what one poster meant by fry broiled.

still crappy food, slightly better than the rest but still crap.

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