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Forums > Living in Kunming > Help traffic tickets

When I bought my car, a Chinese friend helped me buy, get insurance, & register it. Because he did everything for me, he had it set up to send him a text message when I got a ticket.

I've had our van over 5 years, and every year I get two or three tickets. However, this year it all went bad. I didn't realize Kunming was cracking down on driving, and since I didn't get the text messages, I didn't even know I was getting tickets.

Today, I learned I have 14 tickets. Most of them are in the exact same intersection for the same violation. I had not idea I would bet a ticket because I changed to another lane at an intersection when the lane had turned solid.

I think this ticket carries

a 200RMB fine and 2 or 3 points. As I mentioned, I have like 14. I was told there is an app named 12123. Using this app, you can see the picture of your violation and even pay the ticket without a deduction of points. Is this true? Has anyone ever used the app. I am in a real pickle and not sure what I need to do to pay the fines without losing my license. Ugh!

Forums > Living in Kunming > to have babies in thailand

We live in Kunming and had 2 babies in Bangkok.

I can't say enough how great it was.

The level of care was excellent and the service was great too.

Our babies were born at Samitivej Hospital Sukhumvit which is a private international hospital.

We've also had medical at Bumrungrad International Hospital.

Both were great.

Both hospitals have NICUs if anything were to go wrong.

At Samitivej Hospital Sukhumvit there is a natural birthing wing that is awesome.

You will get a private room during labor, delivery, and postpartum and dad is in the room the entire time.

The care you receive at both hospitals will meet and perhaps exceed western expectations.

All doctors and nurses also speak English.

You'll need to fly to Thailand around 36-37 weeks.

It's only an hour and a half flight and I had no issues at all.

We came home with our new babies when they were 2 weeks old, and had no issues there either.

It was no big deal at all flying back with a newborn.

We are American and the embassy is in Bangkok, so it was super easy to get a passport for them as soon as they were born.

We went to the Chinese embassy and got a visa for them right before we came back.

For us it was a great experience and I'd be happy to answer any questions for you.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Long term parking at the airport

My wife and I are going on a short trip tonight. Our flight leaves late tonight (Tuesday), and we get back late Friday night.

I am considering driving and parking at the airport. A Chinese friend told me said he heard parking was 60RMB a day. He told me he thought the total bill to park at the airport would be around 200RMB.

To take a taxi from my place is about 110RMB each way, and to hire a driver is about 150 each way. Therefore, to drive and park is cheaper and more convenient. Can anyone confirm that the price is 60RMB a day to park at the airport?


Forums > Travel Yunnan > Places to Stay in Lijiang

Does anyone have any good recommendations for places to stay for a few nights in Lijiang?

We aren't wanting a super expensive hotel, but not a cheap hostel either.



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@Encrypted "Healthiest in the world" please give me a break. I won't argue with you that BK is unhealthy because it is, but it isn't any less unhealthy as smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day while eating pieces of pig fat swimming in pig lard. China has one of the highest rates of heart disease in the world, and it has nothing at all to do with BK.

As I consider the increase of diabetes in China there is only one clear reason. If fast food was the culprit, the USA would certainly have more than 11.6% of its population diagnosed with diabetes. More and more Chinese are eating KFC, Pizza Hut, and McDonalds; however, the amount of people consuming food from these establishments is still a very small percent compared to the entire population. Therefore, you can probably blame some of the obesity problem on these joints; however, you can't blame the rapid increase of diabetes on them.

Instead, it is clear to me that alcohol a tobacco use is the clear reason there has been a rapid increase of diabetes in China. China has more smokers than any other country in the world—by a long shot. Americans eat way more fast food than Chinese, but tobacco in the USA is a fragment of what is used in China. Unlike those who consume fast food in China, citizens from all socioeconomic statuses smoke in China. Smoking is the common link.

If you don't believe me, check out what the mayo clinic says about smoking and diabetes.



My wife and I have been a to Magiano's twice in the past few months, and we have been super pleased both times.

Last night, we ordered pizza (it came with freshly graded parmesan cheese), pasta, & a risotto dish. All three were excellent. Besides great food, we were served freshly baked bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for free. To top it off, the owner brought us a small piece of American ribeye to taste for free.

The wait staff was very attentive, and every time my water glass was empty, they were over to our table in just a few seconds to fill it.

We were able to eat for a little more than 200rmb. This might sound expensive to some; however, I thought it was a great deal considering we got bread and three dishes. We will certainly be giving them our business again.


I am not familiar with Hongshan Dong Lu. What area of town is this, and what is it near.

My wife and I would love to come try your restaurant.