Mangiamo Italian Trattoria offers:

- Authentic Italian taste.
- Imported meats, seafood and other ingredients.
- Fresh, GAP veggies from our own farm.
- Imported wines from Italy, Chile, Argentine and France.
- Tasty fresh home-made pasta, each order cooked individually.
- Thin crust rustic tasty Italian Pizzas.

Listing info
  • NameMangiamo Italian Trattoria
  • AddressNanya Fengqing Mall, Central Plaza, 4F, storefronts 7-10, Kunming
  • MOBILE14736571270
  • Phone(0871) 65514777
  • FAX(0871) 64594039
  • Hours11:30am-10pm
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Mangiamo Italian Trattoria • Nanya Fengqing Mall, Central Plaza, 4F, storefronts 7-10

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I went there for a meal this week not expecting to much as I had been let down by every other western food restaurant that I'd tried. But I was surprised and ate a very enjoyable meal with a wide range of selections to choose from. I'm looking forward to going back as it has many Italian favourites of mine on the menu that I'm looking forward to eating :)

Definitely now my favourite western restaurant in Kunming!


Have been a few times over the past couple of years; good quality food (I've only ever had the pasta mains and they were always very good), the owner provides excellent service but the other waitstaff's vary, though they do often top up water glasses, which is more than one can expect here. Once had a devil's food-like chocolate cake made to order there and it was AMAZING - so rich and gooey.


My wife and I have been a to Magiano's twice in the past few months, and we have been super pleased both times.

Last night, we ordered pizza (it came with freshly graded parmesan cheese), pasta, & a risotto dish. All three were excellent. Besides great food, we were served freshly baked bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for free. To top it off, the owner brought us a small piece of American ribeye to taste for free.

The wait staff was very attentive, and every time my water glass was empty, they were over to our table in just a few seconds to fill it.

We were able to eat for a little more than 200rmb. This might sound expensive to some; however, I thought it was a great deal considering we got bread and three dishes. We will certainly be giving them our business again.


Impressive not only for the quality of the dishes, but also for the fact that the owner grows all the vegetables for the restaurant himself without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Moreover, he offers a choice of 12 different homemade noodles to go with each pasta dish. We tried three and they were just about perfect. We also had an excellent eggplant parmesan, though it was not on the menu. It's not cheap, but definitely the best Italian restaurant in town right now. It was my first time there, but I think that they must have made vast improvements since the last reviews. Note that the restaurant is now called Magiano's.


I wrote a long review initially, then appended this bit on the next morning...

"I want to add to this to my review of 25 March. The owners (...I believe they are the owners) of Salvatore are a kind and helpful couple who speak perfect English. I can only hope they can get the kitchen, recipes and seasonings in order to make the restaurant successful. Best of luck to them...get some GARLIC please!"

...I did not know that adding this would delete the first review. As I am not keen on writing the original review again I will simply say that as "Sanyiseul" wrote on 23 Feb, there was no flavor to any of the foods - no real seasonings at all. The lasagna I ordered had a slightly sweet meat sauce and only a hint of cheese inside. I must say that the noodles in it were good though. Our pizza Margherita came out just 3 minutes after we ordered it - it was NOT hot. The crust was doughy tasting and, again, no flavor whatsoever. I wonder if these are pre-made and then just reheated? My friends' pasta dishes were equally uninspiring.

I don't know how this can be a successful chain elsewhere but such a dud here. As I wrote in my appended message above, I sure hope the nice owners can get the message and fix the problems, or nobody will return...not at their high-end prices!