Mangiamo Italian Trattoria offers:

- Authentic Italian taste.
- Imported meats, seafood and other ingredients.
- Fresh, GAP veggies from our own farm.
- Imported wines from Italy, Chile, Argentine and France.
- Tasty fresh home-made pasta, each order cooked individually.
- Thin crust rustic tasty Italian Pizzas.

Listing info
  • NameMangiamo Italian Trattoria
  • AddressNanya Fengqing Mall, Central Plaza, 4F, storefronts 7-10, Kunming
  • MOBILE14736571270
  • Phone(0871) 65514777
  • FAX(0871) 64594039
  • Hours11:30am-10pm
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Mangiamo Italian Trattoria • Nanya Fengqing Mall, Central Plaza, 4F, storefronts 7-10

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I will give Pasta Fresca 2 stars, both for the decoration.
As a first course we ordered a vegetable soup which turned out to be very watery and despite of beeing totally spicy not seasoned at all.
I asked if the Parma Ham promoted in the menu is real Parma Ham. The owner told me yes it is, so I ordered an Antipasti plate. We got tastless olives, few slices of cumin-salami, very little of an delicious Italian cheese and 2 slices of Ham. Unfortunatelly that was no Parma Ham as I was told.

Our main courses were "fresh" pasta and a salmon filet. The pasta might have been made fresh that day, but was sitting around for a longer while, when we got it it was very chewy 2 minutes before "al dente".
The salmon we got was raw and cold inside so we send it back to the kitchen. When the owner returned the plate to me I asked if they really send me back the same piece of fish. She denied, told me it is a fresh piece. It was not. At least I tried a bite of the salmon and of the side dishes. The salmon was not seasoned at all, same for the side dishes.

Still in hope of getting anything good to eat we ordered two desserts. Tiramisu and Panna Cotta. Both milestones away from what they were supposed to be.
In the end we spend 430 yuan for sitting on nice chairs getting not so nice food, wine in tiny glasses and had to go to another place afterwards because we were hungry.

And about the "Italian chef", they need to have him according to the franchise regulations on their website.

If they are going to improve the food a lot their place will become a nice restaurant.


This restaurant opened on 12th February 2012, and I was there the first day (because it is not far from where I live). If you are looking for a high quality Italian restaurant, this is it! Their chef is from Rome and they make their own pasta. It is not cheap but they do combos which are excellent value. Portions are large, the salad is fresh, the bread is fantastic! I had a vegetable soup as a starter and it was both delicious and abundant. I tasted the pizza and I have to say the base was one of the best I have had. I also had a tiramisu for dessert which was delicious. Really this is a great place, and the food is genuine Italian. Highly recommended.