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Help traffic tickets

seahorse62 (141 posts) • 0

When I bought my car, a Chinese friend helped me buy, get insurance, & register it. Because he did everything for me, he had it set up to send him a text message when I got a ticket.

I've had our van over 5 years, and every year I get two or three tickets. However, this year it all went bad. I didn't realize Kunming was cracking down on driving, and since I didn't get the text messages, I didn't even know I was getting tickets.

Today, I learned I have 14 tickets. Most of them are in the exact same intersection for the same violation. I had not idea I would bet a ticket because I changed to another lane at an intersection when the lane had turned solid.

I think this ticket carries

a 200RMB fine and 2 or 3 points. As I mentioned, I have like 14. I was told there is an app named 12123. Using this app, you can see the picture of your violation and even pay the ticket without a deduction of points. Is this true? Has anyone ever used the app. I am in a real pickle and not sure what I need to do to pay the fines without losing my license. Ugh!

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

My advice is to go to the traffic bureau and explain to them what happened and I'm sure they will help you. Make sure you take a Chinese friend if you go. Why settle something serious like this with an app. First see someday face to face and I'm sure they can help you set up the app the right way. Just my 2 cents. If you don't know where the Traffic Bureau is, ask any traffic police to tell you. Good luck!

bilingualexpat (219 posts) • +2

Since i'm waiting for 12/12 TMall midnight purchase, allow me to assist you.


Yes, there's an app to pay for the fines. Granted some traffic violations you can't merely pay off online, but in person at the bureau.

Types of violations notwithstanding, you only get 12 points limit for the year. You'd have to retake the driving exam if all 12 points are deducted to zero.

Fortunately, you can get your friends to allot you their driving points. Keep in mind they only have max 12 points as well. Since you've been deducted quite heavily, you'd probably need to find several friends. I believe maximum three drivers (total 36 points) can transfer their points to you. Total of 48 points including your own. So you still have a chance to keep your license in worst case scenario.

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • +1

It is easy to pick up fines now, because of the large number of enforcement cameras.

I believe the points period (12 months) follows the car registration date. So for example, if your car was registered on June 14, then the 12 months runs from June 14 to June 13 the following year. If you got say 10 points before June 14, that is the previous year. If you got 4 points after, that is this year. You will still have to pay the fines, but as long as don't get the 12 points in the same 12 month cycle you are OK.

As bilingual has pointed out, if you can get someone else to pick up the points, that is doable. Technically it is the vehicle that attracts the points, and there could be more than one person who was driving at the times the penalties were collected.

However, the registered vehicle owner still has to pay the fines.

bilingualexpat (219 posts) • +1

Friendly discretion, it is illegal in China to solicit to sell or buy traffic points. So best to go about discreetly if such path is taken.

Slightly off-topic...

Here's a website run by Ministry of Finance showing in real time the centralized data of nearly 1.5 million EVs on the road:


Government mandates that EV manufacturers transfer over all collected customer data, which include current vehicle location and battery charging period & performance. May be an effective tool in monitoring emissions in combating pollution, among other things which may raise a few eyebrows.

Btw, in a few years all buses on the road in Kunming will be switched to electric. Shenzhen's zero-emission e-buses have already paved the way.

On that note, remember that bus lanes near bus stops are also marked with those continuous, white thick lines that are not to be crossed. Cameras are not far. Don't accumulate to 15 tickets this year. lol

lemon lover (887 posts) • +1

There is an official App called: 交管12123 (jiao guan12123) you can download. You register your car licence and it will tell if you have outstanding fines and what your score is. You can use it as well to pay your fines.

debaser (635 posts) • 0

I think the 12 month period is according to the start date of your license. so if your driving license was first issued on May 1st your 12 month period is May 1st until April 30th the following year. at least, that's how the traffic police in Kunming explained it to me last year.

There used to be people standing near the traffic police stations (the place that issue the fine/tickets) that would sell you their points but they weren't there the last time I went.

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