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To elaborate... coconuts often fall from tall coconut trees, breaking the thick exocarp & mesocarp shell layers in the process. In fact, more people on Earth die by falling coconuts than from shark attacks. The famous, free-roaming Wenchang chickens peck on the fallen coconuts as their main source of diet, as the origin story goes.

Forums > Food & Drink > Good restaurants?


Is the restaurant called 椰贝 (YeBei)?

Hainan coconut chicken restaurants are gaining popularity over here. One recently opened on the fifth floor of Golden Eagle Department store (金鹰购物广场B). A pile of fresh Hainan coconuts are visibly stacked in front of the restaurant. Most coconuts in Mainland come from the coconut forests in Wenchang City, not far from Haikou. Hence, the origin of the Wenchang Chicken dish.

Here are some pictures for verification:


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Sanitary benefits would be another. They may justify the markup for some. Shrink-wrapping would protect individual fruit or vegetable from the sneeze of an under the weather shopping patron. Furthermore, who knows where those unwashed cucumber or cherry fondling hands have been. The first time I witnessed shrink-wrapping produce was in Tokyo and Osaka over 15 years ago. Japanese societies are obsessed with hygiene.



Like your wife, I too hoard recyclable containers into a manageable pile before taking them out to the communal waste bins. Not just for my own convenience, but to make life easier for the janitress. They recycle the building's collective plastics & cardboard boxes as revenue on the side. Otherwise, these 保洁阿姨 will have to unpleasantly sift through the trash to fish them out individually. Acts of compassion on our part. Food for thought as we dispense our O2O (online to offline) 11/11 boxes.

Regarding plastic alternatives, it's not so much energy economics as public health. Studies have shown the incineration of plastic release unhealthy byproducts into the air we breathe. Lung cancer is already major problem for the Chinese. The most common type of cancer in China in fact.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Nov 11th is coming

The implementation of machine learning in automated supermarket inventory management seeks to reduce wastes by maximizing asset turnover ratio and minimizing spoilage. To say nothing of tempering overhead costs and shrinkage compared to traditional supermarkets for a more evolved business model.

More than a decade ago, high-end supermarket chains in Japan, Singapore, S. Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have already adopted the strategy of prolonging expiration of perishable produce items by shrink-wrapping them per individual basis.

China's accumulation of global plastic waste is nothing new, granted the dawn of food delivery services such as Meituan and Ele.me is adding to plastic containers' recycling & disposal collective action dilemma.

Perhaps packaging in biodegradable plastic alternatives would be a sustainable game-changer for Hema.


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