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That is correct, the points do go onto 'a' licence. My dates are almost the same for both, hence my confusion. Initially it is the vehicle that attracts the points, then a person or persons with a licence needs to take ownership of the points.

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As @debaser has mentioned, try getting points from guys standing near the traffic police stations.

@bilingualexpat Strictly speaking it's illegal to buy or sell points from other people, from what I recall the "3/4 drivers per car" policy was only recently deployed to prevent people from selling/buying points, still I don't think the policy is enough to stop the "point market".

I only moved from Hangzhou to Kunming recently and before I left, there is still a lot of them standing by the entrance of the traffic station selling points (they are called Huang Niu 黄牛 in Chinese). I don't know if they are still around in Kunming but I'm sure you can always find one on platforms like "58", let a Chinese friend help you out on contacting them and I'm sure they will get your problem solved with a price.

Things are getting a lot more regulated in China nowadays but so far don't worry about getting caught on things like buying points. We are simply not there yet :P

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With the new "Social Credit" scoring system where driving habits can have an adverse effect on credit scores, would this "selling points" not have a negative effect on that credit score?

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I don't think it would.
I've recently seen a copy of my friend's "personal credit report" issued by the People's Bank of China, and it includes nothing but his basic info and financial status. Things like sex, birth date, marriage status, education backgrounds, etc.. Financial-wise it has things like current debt owed, late payments on credit cards, recent credit card bill amount, etc..

China is working hard towards a more "full-scale" credit system, but as I've mentioned earlier there is still a long way to go.

There is this huge market along with its huge profit, so it will be against many's will to completely wipe out this market, including some public officials. So not to mention the fact that you just won't get caught on things like "buying points" in nowadays China, even you do, rest assured it won't do any bad on your credit in China.

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It looks like you might be talking about your friend's credit rating. I think @Alpage48 was talking about the proposed new social credit score system, due to come into effect in 2020. The two are totally different.

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Sorry I wasn't clear enough in my previous post. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the system you mentioned is called the "social credit system" (社会信用体系), which is due in 2020, well at least that's the plan so far.

However the "social credit scoring system" (个人信用评分系统), as @AlPage48 has previously mentioned, is the very system that China has been actively using for the past few years, mainly to evaluate someone's financial credit. And to check your "social credit score", you would have to visit a People's Bank of China branch and ask for a copy of your "personal credit report" with your valid ID. This credit report does not show your "social credit score" as a number, instead it has all sorts of info as mentioned in my previous post, but the report is exactly what the institutions would ask for when you apply for things like your housing provident fund. Maybe they have a way to add up all the numbers, I'm not sure how it works.

So in short, if I'm right, the current credit system that is up and running is the "social credit scoring system" (个人信用评分系统), which you can check anytime by the "personal credit report" issued by any branch of the People's Bank of China. China is building up a more "full-scale" credit system called the "social credit system" (社会信用体系), so far with a planned effective time in 2020. We don't know what more kinds of "credit" it intends to include, everything is just a plan yet.

Back to the original topic, things like "buying" or "selling" points just so we don't lose our license/redo the written test shouldn't really be a concern credit-wise. If you do something like this after the "social credit system" (社会信用体系) is issued in 2020 or whatever year it ends up to be, it might affect your credit somehow, but not with the current credit system. Not to mention the fact you just won't get caught on this, not as a buyer at least, this I can be pretty sure of.

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