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Maybe it's the usual longing for something that is not so readily available, but McDonald's, BK, KFC, Taco Bell, and any other "fast" food one can name is at lowest end of what I consider edible. It consists of poor quality ingredients, laden with fat and sugar and of little nutritional value. The corporate versions of fast food that my country, the U.S. has exported to the rest of the world is creating the same health problems that has led the U.S. obesity and heart disease.

Oh, and for those of you who want to have a "ciggy" after eating such terrible food, just walk outside instead of inflicting your habit on everyone around you.

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While there are small school supplies stores scattered throughout the city, it's highly unlikely they will have blackboard paint. The largest collection of school supply stores (numbering in the hundreds?) is in lou si wan in Chengong district south of Kunming. Though its theoretically a wholesale market, retail purchases are possible at higher per piece prices. It also helps pricing if you are not wai guo ren ;-) However, you are more likely to find the paint at a paint store.


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My wife and were saddened to read this report and see the photos. Despite it's "commercial" bent, old town in Zhongdian was one of out favorite places in Yunnan. We will fondly remember the cheerful smiling faces of the inhabitants, the winding narrow streets and the general charm of old town.

Rebuilding will not bring back the old charm, but we hope that those who live and work there will be able to recover soon.

Patrick, thanks for the in-depth coverage.

Can't really do investigative journalism because the subjects of this piece (young wealthy owners of expensive cars) are part of an untouchable elite who acquired their wealth and possessions the old-fashioned way.

Shoei, as with virtually all of the newly rich Chinese, they acquired their wealth through theft, corruption of government officials, exploitation of land "redevelopment" and the completely insolvent Chinese banking system. There is no way that a country could legitimately produce billionaires in approximately one generation going from full state ownership to private business without a great deal (or perhaps, exclusively) criminal activity.

It's great the government acknowledges these behavioral problems, but the proposed solution is typical of an authoritarian regime. All of these issues stem from overcrowding, poverty, lack of adequate education stressing critical thinking skills and the lack of the rule of law. Bandaid measures like behavior enforcement by the chengguan will be pitifully inadequate and are stop gap measures at best. They have to start somewhere, so how about having classroom presentations in kindergarten through third grade complete with discussion sessions where real discourse takes place?

MiZixia, you may have misunderstood the part about not choosing to be born. I didn't say anything about not enjoying life or that people would commit suicide en masse. Perhaps that is your own perspective on life. What I did say is that each generation chooses to bring life into this world. Children do not make that choice for themselves. Children owe their parents nothing. That is true for every generation.


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