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Maybe it's the usual longing for something that is not so readily available, but McDonald's, BK, KFC, Taco Bell, and any other "fast" food one can name is at lowest end of what I consider edible. It consists of poor quality ingredients, laden with fat and sugar and of little nutritional value. The corporate versions of fast food that my country, the U.S. has exported to the rest of the world is creating the same health problems that has led the U.S. obesity and heart disease.

Oh, and for those of you who want to have a "ciggy" after eating such terrible food, just walk outside instead of inflicting your habit on everyone around you.

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While there are small school supplies stores scattered throughout the city, it's highly unlikely they will have blackboard paint. The largest collection of school supply stores (numbering in the hundreds?) is in lou si wan in Chengong district south of Kunming. Though its theoretically a wholesale market, retail purchases are possible at higher per piece prices. It also helps pricing if you are not wai guo ren ;-) However, you are more likely to find the paint at a paint store.


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There is no rule of law of China. One can have as many laws on the books as they wish, but if they are not applied and enforced uniformly, if they are not acknowledged by the people whose actions they are meant to regulate, they are simply words on a page. Gleaming new buildings, factories pumping out record numbers of goods don't mean anything if people cannot be expected to behave in a civilized manner. The chenguan are nothing more than thugs!

In their usual short sighted "wisdom" Kunming govenment "officials" (nothing more than illiterate, card carrying thugs) have missed the boat. Instead of doing something stupid like banning cars 12 days per year, why not limit the growth of cars that drive on the road the other 353 days per year. i suggest a 25,000 RMB tax on license plates. This would reduce the demand for vehicles and the funds could go to rebuilding the crumbling road infrastructure.

Actually Kunming has three Wal-marts (Xiao Ximen, Baita Lu-on the way to the airport, on one on the east side).

It's great that Kunming is not destined to have the economic development of Shanghai. It would probably ruin what is best about living here: the relaxed pace of life and relatively "unspoiled" environment. Yes, people litter like fiends and driving skills of Kunmingers are poor, but the skies are clear, the breezes refreshing and the flowers bloom year round. That is priceless!


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