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Kunming's no-car days expand to second ring road

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This Saturday is Kunming's first no-car day in the year of the rat, with the municipal government announcing a change in hours and an expansion of the once-monthly ban on private cars which will include the area between the city's first and second ring roads, according to announcements in Kunming media.

Beginning this month, no-car days will take place on the last Saturday of each month, with the hours of the event shortened to from 9am to 5 pm. All private cars will be forbidden from entering the center of Kunming – which includes the area within Yieryi Dajie, Huancheng Bei Lu, Huancheng Dong Lu, Huancheng Nan Lu and Xichang Lu.

In a move that should add considerably to the supervision work done by police and volunteers on no-car days, the area between Kunming's first and second ring roads will also be partially restricted to private cars.

Under the new rule, only cars with license plate numbers ending in odd or even numbers will be able to drive between the ring roads on no-car days in odd- or even-numbered months, respectively. Only cars with license plate numbers ending in even numbers will be able to drive between the ring roads this Saturday as February is an even-numbered month.

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Can you clarify if the "odd/even" criteria is based on the day or the month. This Saturday is 23rd and Feb obviously is the 2nd month. So is it odds or evens?

Hi Piers, thanks for pointing that error out, it has been corrected - it's based upon the month, not the day. This Saturday only cars with plates ending in even numbers will be allowed to drive between the ring roads.

In their usual short sighted "wisdom" Kunming govenment "officials" (nothing more than illiterate, card carrying thugs) have missed the boat. Instead of doing something stupid like banning cars 12 days per year, why not limit the growth of cars that drive on the road the other 353 days per year. i suggest a 25,000 RMB tax on license plates. This would reduce the demand for vehicles and the funds could go to rebuilding the crumbling road infrastructure.

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