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Looking for school supplies store

Ahmet (98 posts) • 0

While there are small school supplies stores scattered throughout the city, it's highly unlikely they will have blackboard paint. The largest collection of school supply stores (numbering in the hundreds?) is in lou si wan in Chengong district south of Kunming. Though its theoretically a wholesale market, retail purchases are possible at higher per piece prices. It also helps pricing if you are not wai guo ren ;-) However, you are more likely to find the paint at a paint store.

Ahmet (98 posts) • 0

Dulux brand offers the following product code 626-84533. Dulux is sold throughout China. Try asking for it with that product code. Here is a link to the Australian site showing a photo that may help to identify it also: www.dulux.com.au/[...]

JessicaBaker (78 posts) • 0

If you plan to stay in China for a while I really recommend getting a taobao account. you can find just about anything on there. taobaofieldguide.com will show you how to set up an account and add money at the post office. It is definitely worth the time to figure out

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I don't think you need a credit card, my wifey does it just with her Chinese bank card, you just need to hook it up to your account. Apparently you organise it through both your taobao account and your internet banking with ya Chinese bank (assuming you have a Chinese bank card).

A quick search found this:

Pretty handy info actually for us laowai...

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