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Forums > Living in Kunming > Safe piercing studio?

It isn't exactly the most proffesional place but I have gotten a lot of piercings there, including my nose, without any infections or other issues. Next to Dona Donuts near Wenlinjie is a little shop that sells jewlery. If you stand with this shop on your left and go all the way down the road, turn to your right, and cross the street. There is another little shop on the corner that will do the piercings. If you ask the shop next to Dona Donuts they will probably just take you. They usually charge about 100 per piercing but you can probably bargain down to 80-70, espessially if you bring a friend.

Forums > Living in Kunming > kunming vets

Hey I need to know a vet that can treat animals other than dogs or cats. If anyone has numbers and/or addresses that would be very helpful! thank you

Forums > Food & Drink > good soymilk?

The soymilk found in metro is very watery and i was wondering if any ones knows of a place to buy better soymilk


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Ya they are not allowing anyone to go hiking in any mountains in kunming, even for visiting tombs, until July because they are so worried about a fire starting.


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