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Forums > Living in Kunming > Birthday Cards

You can always try Walmart, its a kind of touch and go thing, sometimes they have a great selection in the stationery department, sometimes they have nothing!

I always look and then buy as many as I can when I find them. I even managed christmas cards last year.

I also tried Carrefour but never found any selection other than chinese cards.

Forums > Living in Kunming > No More Plastic Bags!

You have both hit the nail on the head with your comments. With no accountability, rules count for very little - unless of course you are a foreigner!

With regard to the new regulations to plastic bags, why not just go that one step further and ban the sale of all plastic bags. Inconvenient? Yes! but it would not take long for people to learn to carry a bag with them, after all they always find space for 'umbrella's' - LOL :_)

Perhaps go back to the days of paper bags for groceries, after all America did it that way for long enough. Plastic bags are a real blight on the world.

mmmm, rant over!!

Forums > Study > Thank You Kunming

I just wanted to say a big big thank you to 'Go Kunming' and to all those who have offered help and assistance during our time here in Kunming.

Its hard to beleive a year has passed so quickly and its difficult to leave without a heavy heart when so many friends have been made and we are finally starting to know where things are in Kunming.

So once again THANK YOU, you know who are.

Carry on the good work Go Kunming, you a wealth of information and help to all those that arrive in Kunming.


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Revisted this pleasant place again. Dont know what all the whining is about? Food portions may have got a little smaller but there is still plenty, food is still to the same high standard and I can hardly describe this as expensive, by any standards particularly western ones. Service is and always has been pleasant, food always served quickly and hot. Not quite sure why wine by the glass is so so important?? I for one have never had a bad meal at Blue Bird


This is not a review of Chapter One but a way of saying 'thank you'.

Thank you Piers for all your recent assistance and for your help in obtaining tickets for the China v Australia game. Great atmosphere, mediocre game but a good time had by all.

Anyone that is ready to help other visitors in this way should surely have a successful business - good luck with your rennovation/review of Chapter One.


This is a new hotel in Kunming. I have the pleasure of knowing the new French Hotel Manager.

I had lunch here and the food and the service were excellent, staff were friendly and eager to please.

As a new venture finding its feet, this is a place to try for the food even if you dont require accommodation.

Accommodation, reasonably priced, high standard and very clean.


Was recommended to this place for plain wraps, was so delightfully surprised with the goods on sale, the friendly english speaking staff and they will be doing a Christmas Turkey Dinner on the 25th Dec - WOW.

Not eaten here yet but purely on the basis of a little bit of home away from home, this is a place worth finding.