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I went to the one in Bei Chen. It is light and airy (when no one is smoking inside) and they have a great window with a pretty view.

They do have a friendly staff (that let you know your order is not available 15 minutes after you order it) The food is mediocre, raw onions inside my hamburger and Whicker Basket buns. The Fries were fried in bad oil (can taste the flavor). And if you go with a large group beware- long waits. Only one chef on hand.

And their desserts look like they bought them from some bread store? Coffee, ok, but why go there when other places offer punch cards????


Arguably- YES, because i and many others do not agree with you jared. Are you one of the owners?
Salvadors is a mediocre, dirty, mama huhu cafe. As for the mix on the menu, that is what it tastes like-a mix. And if you don't mind waiting forever, i guess that is fine. I hate to say this but when i see your kitchen and your bathroom it makes me worry a bit. For a "western" restaurant your standard is not. I dont even want to say what i watched as i sat on the bar. And of course my favorite item was taken off the menu, and the ice cream is getting a bit icy too. But i do like your chai!

Sure you guys meet a need, and were the first in town but step it up a bit. Not everyone in Kunming is voting for you guys!


It seems to me that they are trying to give good service. One time mine was terrible, the next better. I spoke with the manager and he was very gentle and apologetic (indian guy) The decor is great, love the music and the food is good too (but can be a bit rough on the stomach because it is so saucy).

As for price, why do people complain so much??? As a foodie I am not wasting my money or calories on mediocre stuff, which is almost everywhere in Kunming. Just pay the price, i am sure most of what they use is not bought at carrefour or the market! you want cheap go to mcdonalds!


A bit too much of a starbucks wannabe for me. But i do like the logo on the mugs and the black sofas. Quiet and smoke free is good, and they have some chairs outside.

The food is mediocre and it seems they are not very original (to much like the silver spoon). A bit pricey too for all their items.

I like that they are trying to sell their bean around town.


What is the deal with the price hike??????? A CAN of soda for 15 rmb?

Mediocre food, terrible and expensive pizza (goat cheese?) and smoky environment? The only thing they have going is their outdoor dining and not bad service. Sad to think that chinese think that is real western food.