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Forums > Food & Drink > Is Nutmeg Common Here?

i totally agree to Charlie-KM. Metro has nutmeg and i got 4 pieces in Pauls, this year. I would give you some, but i´m not in Kunming until next year. I´m pretty sure you´ll find it soon or later!!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > need advice about chinese haircoloring

i´m planning to colour my hair but since a friend told me, she won´t do it, cause asian hair is thicker and so the colour might be too strong for my thin hair, i´m a little bit afraid of it.
Does anybody have experience with colouring hair?! Or did anybody by the colour you can get in Walmart etc ?
Thanks for your help!!!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chinese driver's license

Hi Matt,

I did the test on a friday (normaly only thursdays for foreigners). They can choose the language before you start the test (I'm not sure anymore, perhaps I could also choose the language directly on the computer. There was something in chinese on the screen before starting the test that i couldn't read so somebody helped me with that)

Good luck :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Getting a chinese driving license


do you know what the difference between the E and F license is?
I got an F license and only want a small motorcycle, but I don't know what kind of bike I can drive with my license. Is it about the engine size, maximum speed...?



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beautiful interiour, but the food is definetly too expensive. We ordered Chicken Thai Style...it was the most dry chicken i ever ate. You can get the same quality in other restaurants half the price.