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BillDan return petition

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

If you're reading this BillDan, I'm in favor of reading you're comments again. I know you're doing fine without GoK, but I'm sure some of us miss your insight and honestly, those great rants. I'll apologize on behalf of the GoK admins (I'm not one, but so what). Also, mods seem have gotten a lot less heavy handed now as they too have settled down. Come'on back BillDan.

Magnifico (1981 posts) • 0

I'm sure the restaurant owners are delighted by his hiatus. He was funny.

BillDan (268 posts) • 0

Wow, I am so flattered. Seriously. Okay I will come back and I have cooled off a tad. I just have those China meltdowns at times and maybe my venting here is not really that healthy for me or others. I have had several eating out nightmares since last I was here, as well as a job contract not being renewed (and I am much more easy going than my comments here may lead you to believe and feel it was because of my dog and horny cat which I refused to get rid of) in June (!!!) after being told all along there were no issues and had two close (two only) foreign friends leave China. other things as well all hit at the same times and it has all taken a toll on me and my wife, but you know what, I am just gonna let it all go. Nothing negative to say and I am not kidding, I am happy to see this. I thought it might be some sort of set up at first, but I will gladly return and try a new approach. I have been in China 9 years and sometimes feel I have lost what little sanity I drug over here with me. So, for what it is all worth, here I am and I will calm down a bit. Anticipate a more boring less volatile BillDan. Life is life and I will try to see the sunny side a little more. The sliver linings and the smelly little roses. Well, lets not get too extreme, okay. Thanks AlexKMG. Truly. 多谢你

Heller (62 posts) • 0

Three new reviews in one day from BillDan. A busy bee he's been! All restaurants, of course, way below his standards, or those of America, Mexico, Beijing, Seattle etc etc ad nauseum. What happened to 'This is my last post here at this farce of a site ever, and in closing... the food in Kunming sucks!' ?

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

What's wrong with 3 new critical reviews after a long hiatus? Also, this thread your posting in Heller is kinda as self explanatory as it gets.

I much rather read a critical review than another boring five star (mine included). At least it's downright personal and honest. If you don't agree, well no big deal, read and move on.

Also, if you have had the burritos and wraps at Sal's, you would know they fall apart just as described.

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