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Getting a chinese driving license

Bigsmile (5 posts) • 0

Can anyone give me any information about getting a chinese driving license. I have a valid UK license but trying to get information on how to go about getting a chinese license is proving to be pretty difficult.

Any feeback is much appreciated.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

Complete information for Chinese Drivers License

Step 1 – Translation of current License:

The Translators Association of Yunnan Province - 云南翻译工作者协会.
#2 Guo Fang Road - 国防路2 – Is located on the corner of Jin Bi Road + Guo Fang Road. Go to Jin Bi Road - Mi Le Si Bus Stop – Bus: 4, 62, 90, 120, 148, A1. Walk 1 block east to Guo Fang Road – Opposite of Xi Chang Road.
Phone: 4145503 or 4196335.
Website: www.ynta.org – Cost: 40 RMB for translation.
Online Quiz - www.chinacartimes.com/quiz/

Step 2 – What to bring:

1. Drivers License + Translated Drivers License + Copies.
2. Passport and Visa + copies.
3. Household Registration form.
4. 5 Passport Photos.
5. 60 RMB for the exam.
6. 12 RMB for the physical.
7. 10 RMB for the license.

Step 3 – Where to go:

Thursday is Foreigner Day –

Bus A6: Stops directly in front of the Vehicle Management Station.
Bus: 3, 66, 73, 95, 107, 118, 206, 213, 229, A8, C137, K12.
(Jing Kai Qu Guan Wei Hui). Stops directly in front of the China Post Office – Turn right to Jing Kai Road.
#12 Jing Kai Road

昆明市车管所 – Kunming Shi Che Guan Suo – Kunming Vehicle Management Station.
Phone – 7267863

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

Thursday if Foreigner Day for testing.
However, you will need to register for the test a few days before this (take all of the documents in HFCAMPO's post). I would recommend at least a week before, as they will give you an ecopy of the test questions (take a thumb drive) when you register. You will then have time to study.

Bigsmile (5 posts) • 0

Thanks to all who replied ...... I appreciate all the advice. Sounds like it will be aquite an experience!!!

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

It is not too hard. I passed OK and I am not superhard study boy.

My advice would be:
It is not important to understand the answers, or even the questions. Just regurgitate the answers.
Some of it may seem 'wrong' just give them the answers they want.
Ditto Chinglish, just give them the answer that goes with the question.
There is lots of repetition so that you are not learning as much unique stuff as you may fear.
You don't need to get 100%, and it is multiple choice.

Long-Dragon (390 posts) • 0

If the file is not too huge could anyone please send me a ecopy of the driving test questions. I got everything else when I went and failed the test without any study. I hate to go all the way back there for the file. It is a 2 hour round trip bus ride for me.

AlexKMG (2385 posts) • 0

1) There is a version of this floating around online. I used it with success to pass the test:


2) This is an online test web page some blogger in Shenzhen made:


3) There is no official rule guide that details the rules of the road,
in English anyways. Didn't exist electronically or in paper when I
asked my examiners in Kunming. So, mostly you figure out the logic of
the rules from the q&a.

4) I took the exam on a computer in English. It was only available
once a week. There are 100 questions, 60 multiple choice and 40 true
and false. I was allowed two attempts. Any score of 90+ means you
pass. The first time I took the test, I just glanced over the
materials and was only able to score around 85. I studied a moderate
amount for the next attempt a week later, and passed with 90 on my
first attempt.

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