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Forums > Living in Kunming > 5G Kunming

There have been many reports of 4G slowing down (possibly to make 5G appear faster). The phrase 'gaslighting' was used. Tests have shown that 5G speeds are nowhere near what was promised even though they are obviously faster than 4G. Someone more cynical might believe that it's all a ploy to make people upgrade and others have also mentioned the clear economic benefits. 6G isalready in the works... I might just wait for that one.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Anyone here gotten a Chinese Green Card?

Lately, I've been reading that some places are differentiating between Green Cards obtained through marriage and those obtained based on work visas and taxes paid. Some are claiming that you might not be free to work on a Green Card after all and it depends on how you supported your application. The information on the net often seems contradictory. Anyone have any reliable info on this?

According to China Daily, the Green Card offers 'fewer restrictions on type of work or company' but not 'equivalent treatment with a Chinese citizen'.

Here's the China Daily article:[...]

...and a couple of others:[...][...]

Forums > Living in Kunming > KunmingSwap, any experience?

KunmingSwap was good... once. More recently there have been much stricter rules and they have been enforced. One rule is that items need to be 1000rmb or less. I heard that the data collection is to comply with local 'authorities' and their rules and regulations. I have no idea if this was reactive or proactive. In the end I guess that the plethora of Wechat groups are just more convenient and many serve a similar audience without all the rules, regulations, and data collection. Even KMSwap has a group, KMSwap Live' but as Lanajot said, it has been very quiet recently.


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Thank you GoKM. I (almost) always enjoy the travel type articles. Even though it's not the first time Nizu (or Niru) has been featured on this website, at least you've brought it to the attention of travellers before the coach loads of litter-dropping tourists arive or before it's swallowed and 'improved' by the national park. Funny (NOT), that was the fate predicted in this 2015 article:[...]

Thanks Sean. A really interesting read - more relatable and less of a corporate sheen. Some lovely pictures in there too. We could all use a break from our phones sometimes but the 'always on' Wechat is quickly becoming a fact of everyday life in China, epecially for those in work. This was another little reminder that life is beautiful.



The only place worth going for a beer in Lijiang. Small place with a super friendly vibe. Great relaxed hangout for locals and travellers alike.


a lovely place to stay with great views of Yulong xueshan (JadeDragon snow mountain) from the roof! Beautifully decorated and hosts that make you feel like family. A million miles better than most other places locally. I can't recommend this place enough.


thanks for all the good food and drinks over the past couple of years. i honestly didn't go there after some prices were almost doubled (such as the Coffee shake)but i will miss the place.
best of luck with whatever comes next!


i thought i'd give this place another try as my usual place was closed today. even though there is now more choice, i was not impressed by the menu. they do have an apparently good range of coffees for up to 80 kuai but even a basic latte is Y26 now. the drinks were OK but nothing special and certainly not worth the money. the place looked somehow cleaner too and was certainly busier! why have so many of the cafes in this area decided that it's fine to raise their prices by so much (in some cases almost double)? i doubt i'll be going back. the 2 stars are because it was just OK and they've obviously made some effort.


Kunming's best Mexican restaurant and a great place to entertain too. In fact, I can't think of many other places that could even compete with this level of class and quality! Prices are reasonable bearing in mind the price of ingredients and what you're getting. It is well decorated inside even if it's not 'authentic' Mexican enough for some. The outside patio is great for a few relaxing beers with friends (something i have tried and can thoroughly recommend). I've lost count of the times I've been to Cacao and I've never been disappointed. One star off because I would prefer a bit more spice!