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Forums > Living in Kunming > Just looking for a few things

There is apple vinegar sold widely in local supermarkets, convenience stores etc, next to all the other types of vinegar. It even has a picture of an apple on it, less than 10 per bottle. It is very sweet though, sweeter than western cider vinegar.

Forums > Study > Chinese Books?

You could try the novels of 余华 Yú Huá. He's a modern author with a clear, fairly direct style so you don't have to read torturous sentences or too much obscure vocabulary. I was looking at his famous novel 或者 huózhe 'to live' for class yesterday and it seems gripping and not too difficult. There's also a film version by 张艺谋 Zhāng Yìmóu. You can read chapter two here:

余华 has also written a great memoir/reflection on China called 十个词汇里中国 or 'China in Ten Words'. I've only read it in English but it's fascinating. Not officially published in PRC though.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Ordering contact lenses

I need to buy some contact lenses, and the online supplier I used in the UK doesn't ship to China. Can anyone recommend a supplier? I found the English-language site - has anyone used it?

(I previously used Air Optix by CibaVision).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Gyms near Wenlinjie?

It's less of a gym really, and more of a spare room where some dilapidated old equipment has been set up. There's a few dumbells, a few barbells, benches, one of those cable stations, a smith machine, and fixed-weight machines for the following: shoulder press, seated rows and leg press. That's it. There's a place to change but no lockers or showers.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Gyms near Wenlinjie?

If you walk down Wenhua Xiang from Wenlin Jie, the entrance to Yunda is on your right as you near the end of Wenhua Xiang (where it joins Yieryi Dajie). The building with the gym is on your right immediately as you enter the university grounds - it's next to the canteen. It's about 55 kuai for 13 visits, but there's no treadmill or bike, and it closes at lunchtimes and before 4pm on weekends. It is cheap though.


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Climbed Haba a couple of years ago - just as the author says, it's a great climb requiring decent fitness but no need for ropes or technical climbing. Would be a good idea to know how to self-arrest if you fall and slide during the descent though, especially if you haven't used an ice-axe and crampons before. Also, be aware of the effects of altitude sickness; a bit of elevation acclimation beforehand would help cut the risk. Highly recommend this trip.

Fascinating. Does anyone know where the incineration plants are and what kind of technology they're using? The level and type of pollution generated can widely a great deal.

I'd also be very surprised if they really were incinerating 100% of the rubbish collected by the authorities.

@Alien: not in the sense that they've been making stuff up - that's not what the study found - but it does imply that very broad forest definitions may overstate the success of afforestation programmes. These definitions are used not only by China, but by the FAO and by other national governments. The authors also say that China's investments in afforestation could be better targeted (geographically and with regards to the species used).


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