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Forums > Living in Kunming > Bicycle Advice Requested

Pegasus is a great shop, the owner Ah Hui speaks some English and is very helpful. They do have a small range of second hand bikes, but mostly it's new bikes. When I got a new bike (the first having been stolen), I went to Pegasus and bought their best lock for 180 - more than most people here spend on their bike, but it's definitely been worth it. Got a nice pannier bag too.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming Pinyin city map

The bookshop a few doors down (west) from Yunnan Normal University on Yi Er Yi Da Jie sells an English/pinyin map. It's next to a Giant bicycle shop, and not immediately obvious as a bookshop.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Trading in an old iPhone

I ended up buying a refurbished 4Gs from taobao. 16gb, appearance as new, bit under 1500. Works well so far. However I still have my old 3GS. The 2nd hand dealers I spoke to were only willing to give me risible amounts (100). I only talked to a couple near huangtupo market though.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Trading in an old iPhone

I have an old iPhone 3GS, and I'd like to get a 4S. Does anyone know if it's possible in Kunming to trade in an old phone in order to get a discount for a new one? The old one works and looks good, but the sleep button on top doesn't work.


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Climbed Haba a couple of years ago - just as the author says, it's a great climb requiring decent fitness but no need for ropes or technical climbing. Would be a good idea to know how to self-arrest if you fall and slide during the descent though, especially if you haven't used an ice-axe and crampons before. Also, be aware of the effects of altitude sickness; a bit of elevation acclimation beforehand would help cut the risk. Highly recommend this trip.

Fascinating. Does anyone know where the incineration plants are and what kind of technology they're using? The level and type of pollution generated can widely a great deal.

I'd also be very surprised if they really were incinerating 100% of the rubbish collected by the authorities.

@Alien: not in the sense that they've been making stuff up - that's not what the study found - but it does imply that very broad forest definitions may overstate the success of afforestation programmes. These definitions are used not only by China, but by the FAO and by other national governments. The authors also say that China's investments in afforestation could be better targeted (geographically and with regards to the species used).


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