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Forums > Travel Yunnan > a quick hop to Jianshui

Cheapskates like me might like to know that the international youth hostel listed in the lonely planet has been knocked down (or possibly relocated).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Watch repair

Thanks all. I also heard you can get repairs done in the same building as the Wallmart in Xiao Xi Men. In the end I went to the guy behind the bus stop on wenlin jie, he fixed it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Tailor-made suit in Kunming?

Thanks Bhavesh, it's great to be able to take advantage of someone's personal experiences for stuff like this. I could have wasted a lot of time on it. Perhaps I'll be able to get one elsewhere - HK, Thailand, Vietnam (as Alex suggests - thanks).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Watch repair

I need to get a wind-up watch repaired. It should be an easy job for someone who has a lot of spare parts - the small winding/adjustment wheel in the side has broken off and needs replaced. Can anyone recommend a shop that does watch repairs?

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Going to travel kunming alone during CNY, any advice ?

For how long a period will travel in China be crowded and expensive? I understand the official holiday is Jan 31 - 6 Feb, but I guess people will travel to and from their hometowns before and after these dates.

Those of you who've experienced this before, for how long before and after is it advisable to avoid travelling within China in order to avoid jammed roads and expensive hotels?


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Climbed Haba a couple of years ago - just as the author says, it's a great climb requiring decent fitness but no need for ropes or technical climbing. Would be a good idea to know how to self-arrest if you fall and slide during the descent though, especially if you haven't used an ice-axe and crampons before. Also, be aware of the effects of altitude sickness; a bit of elevation acclimation beforehand would help cut the risk. Highly recommend this trip.

Fascinating. Does anyone know where the incineration plants are and what kind of technology they're using? The level and type of pollution generated can widely a great deal.

I'd also be very surprised if they really were incinerating 100% of the rubbish collected by the authorities.

@Alien: not in the sense that they've been making stuff up - that's not what the study found - but it does imply that very broad forest definitions may overstate the success of afforestation programmes. These definitions are used not only by China, but by the FAO and by other national governments. The authors also say that China's investments in afforestation could be better targeted (geographically and with regards to the species used).


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