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Forums > Living in Kunming > iPhone/jailbreak expert in Kunming?

@yankee00 - thanks, but I've tried all that a hundred times without success, that's why I'm looking for someone experienced who could help me out by actually carrying out a restore or jailbreak.

Forums > Living in Kunming > iPhone/jailbreak expert in Kunming?

Thanks, but I can't restore the phone, because I get error messages when trying to activate it of the type 'apple server is unavailable'; or 'there is no SIM card in your phone' when there is). I can't push the software back to 6.0 because I can't get any of the various jailbreaking programs to work, on my computer or a friend's.

I can't afford a new iPhone. I was hoping there might be someone who's successfully done this sort of thing a lot, who might be willing to do it for me.

Forums > Living in Kunming > iPhone/jailbreak expert in Kunming?

Hi all. After recently arriving in Kunming with my iPhone, I discovered it wasn't able to take calls on Chinese networks. My big mistake was then to pay someone at a phone shop to 'fix' this - which he did by jailbreaking it. Problem was, it downgraded the software to iOS 4.0 or so, which meant my essential apps like Pleco were no longer usable.

I then tried to fix this by jailbreaking it myself - but just dug in deeper. So I now have an iPhone (3GS) with iOS 6.1.3 software, but which won't activate via Apple's servers or iTunes, so can't be used at all. I have rigorously followed a ton of instructions from the web about how to proceed, but nothing has worked. I don't expect someone here to tell me how to solve this, but does anyone know of any experts in this sort of stuff that I might turn to, for payment or otherwise? I'd be happy with just my apps back, and I'll use a cheap dumbphone for calls.

Thanks for reading.


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Climbed Haba a couple of years ago - just as the author says, it's a great climb requiring decent fitness but no need for ropes or technical climbing. Would be a good idea to know how to self-arrest if you fall and slide during the descent though, especially if you haven't used an ice-axe and crampons before. Also, be aware of the effects of altitude sickness; a bit of elevation acclimation beforehand would help cut the risk. Highly recommend this trip.

Fascinating. Does anyone know where the incineration plants are and what kind of technology they're using? The level and type of pollution generated can widely a great deal.

I'd also be very surprised if they really were incinerating 100% of the rubbish collected by the authorities.

@Alien: not in the sense that they've been making stuff up - that's not what the study found - but it does imply that very broad forest definitions may overstate the success of afforestation programmes. These definitions are used not only by China, but by the FAO and by other national governments. The authors also say that China's investments in afforestation could be better targeted (geographically and with regards to the species used).


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