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Covid case in Panlong?

bubblyian (102 posts) • +2

Saw this online:
"The Panlong District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters immediately entered a state of emergency and dealt with it.

After re-examination by the Kunming City and Panlong District CDC, the results were all negative."


YerethYereth (110 posts) • +3

What I heard from several sources was that it's a false positive. Fingers crossed that's where this ends!

tigertigerathome (172 posts) • 0

It would be a good idea to carry your passports at the moment. I will explain why.
I went to the hospital this morning. Lots of additional controls outside and within the hospital. I could not use the Wechat health app to enter the hospital, as when I opened it I could not go forward without following the link the the foreigners declaration, however that button did not work. Luckily I had my passport with me, and I needed that to register manually at the gate.
Others may have similar problems.

michael2015 (784 posts) • +1

Unless one has the legendary and mythical green card - it's ALWAYS a good idea to take your passport when visiting hospitals, banks, travel points (hotels, airports and rail) and of course, the police station.

bubblyian (102 posts) • 0

Yes, I've noticed that the second 'arrow' App doesn't work for me anymore. Every time I use the Metro I have to fill out my details on their paper form.

Ricklane (39 posts) • 0

Anyone teaching/studying/residing in the Chenggong area? Is there a 21-day lockdown situation on one of the campuses?

Furthermore, entering MRT stations require displaying both the usual green health codes AND the additional green up arrow ("通信大数据行程卡") for movement tracking prior to passing through the metal detector.

TheSmiddy (12 posts) • +3

The university's are proactively doing a 21 day lockdown at the start of the semester as their students all came from a variety of provinces just in case one came with the virus it won't spread to the community.

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