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Forums > Living in Kunming > Elephants approaching Kunming

CNN's narrative is just as grim, with the subject title, "Elephant herd razes 500-kilometer path of destruction after escape from China nature reserve"[...]

In reality the social media in Kunming circles are buzzing with adoration, sympathy, and curiosity for these elephants. Locals are even leaving food for them along the road of their intended path. People are anticipating the herd procession like the arrival of homecoming queens and kings of Siam. Trending videos floating around are of the adorable calf getting pushed up the bootie by the matriarch, not of their trail of destruction portrayed by some western media.

Currently they are en route Anning from the outer rim of Kunming. Experts are hoping to gently guide them back southward toward Xishuangbanna without using tranquilizers.

Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

@Jedickerson0116, as I mentioned in the previous page, the second dose for Sinovac increases the efficacy rate dramatically in the Indonesian data. In the case of Chile:

"Most vaccinated Chileans have only had a single dose, meaning they are still largely unprotected from infection. A study published by researchers at the University of Chile on 6 April, in which Cortés was not involved, found that the CoronaVac vaccine was 56.5% effective in preventing infections two weeks after a second dose but only 3% effective after a single dose.* Ennio Vivaldi, the university’s rector, concluded that until two weeks after the second dose is administered the vaccine 'has no significant effect.'"



Forums > Living in Kunming > COVID 19 vaccine for foreigners

An article by SCMP that may be of relevance just went up online.

Sinopharm finally published vaccine trial data in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Though the data do not cover some of the most vulnerable groups like for seniors and those with underlying preconditions. The results are promising as advertised.

"Trial data shows a vaccine made by Sinopharm’s Beijing subsidiary, which has been approved by the World Health Organization for emergency use, could offer 78.1 per cent of protection against symptomatic Covid-19 but the rate dropped to 73.5 per cent after taking asymptomatic cases into account.

Another vaccine by the company’s Wuhan subsidiary, which is in the process of applying for WHO emergency use licensing and has been conditionally approved for general use in China, had 72.8 per cent efficacy against symptomatic cases and 64 cent including asymptomatic ones.

The results were based on data collected from 40,411 participants in the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain last year.

The trial participants were mostly healthy 18 to 59 years old, equally divided into three groups inoculated with the vaccine from the Beijing subsidiary, the Wuhan subsidiary or a placebo.

A total of 142 symptomatic cases were recorded, 26 from the Wuhan vaccine group, 21 from the Beijing vaccine group, and 95 from the placebo group."[...]

Hope this is informative.


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