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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Travel restrictions Yunnan

I just received info that travelers over the national holiday break returning to Yunnan from outer provinces would require nucleic acid testing within the usual 48-hours window. Could anyone verify this update?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Covid case in Panlong?

Anyone teaching/studying/residing in the Chenggong area? Is there a 21-day lockdown situation on one of the campuses?

Furthermore, entering MRT stations require displaying both the usual green health codes AND the additional green up arrow ("通信大数据行程卡") for movement tracking prior to passing through the metal detector.

Forums > Living in Kunming > 2nd dose vaccination reminder for Sept 10

A friendly reminder for those who got vaccinated on August 20, your second Sinovac jab at Calmette International Hospital is tomorrow. Remember to bring 100 rmb cash. For those taking subway, get off at Linyu Qiao Station of Metro Line 2.


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