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Travel restrictions Yunnan

Luiza (1 post) • 0

Im planning a trip to Jinghong-Puer-Jianshui-Yuanyang

-Kunming first 15 days of February, does anybody knows if there is any travel restrictions, specially for foreigners?

tigertigerathome (172 posts) • 0

This is not a government requirement at the moment, but many hotels want to see a covid19 negative test certificate, before they will let you book in. These test results are only valid for 7 days, and so get a test closer to your departure.
How to get the tests is discussed here www.gokunming.com/[...]
If anyone is going to visit family in rural villages, there are additional restrictions for all people, including Chinese.

BoJoke (34 posts) • +1

Testing is now required for out-of-province Chinese citizens and foreigners alike entering Yunnan. Major tourist destination cities in Yunnan such as Lijiang and Dali have taken a major hit as of late.

lemon lover (1006 posts) • 0

restrictions coming into Yunnan

To Kunming, Yunnan province

From low-risk areas: a negative nucleic acid test report conducted within 7 days; people unable to provide a report should immediately take a nucleic acid test within 24 hours after arrival in Kunming.

From medium-risk areas: a 14-day home quarantine and medical observation, two nucleic acid tests.

From high-risk areas: a 14-day isolated observation during which three nucleic acid tests are required, after the observation, a 14-day home quarantine during which a nucleic acid test is required.


See this page as well for travel outside Yunnan,

jj123 (99 posts) • 0

@bojake, could u elaborate on dali and lijiang taking a hit?
afaik, no cases in yunnan?

and we spoke to the airport yesterday, they are not requiring a test coming from low level areas, just scan in.
hotels may be a different story.

drove to puer

few days ago, nothing required as of yet.

Ricklane (39 posts) • 0

I just received info that travelers over the national holiday break returning to Yunnan from outer provinces would require nucleic acid testing within the usual 48-hours window. Could anyone verify this update?

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