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Travel restrictions Yunnan

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1、 In the past 14 days, those who come to (return to) Kunming, those who have lived in prefecture level cities with local cases in Heilongjiang, Fujian and Xinjiang, those who have lived in medium and high-risk areas, and all those with Yunnan health code "red code" and "yellow code" must take the initiative to report to their communities (villages) or accommodation hotels at the first time
2、 After returning to Kunming, people traveling and on business outside the province took the initiative to do a nucleic acid test and self-observation for 14 days
Kunming Center for Disease Control and Prevention
October 7, 2021

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There is also a government notice circulating on WeChat this morning: from Oct. 9 to 17, anybody coming to Kunming from outside of Kunming must present a negative test result from within the previous 48 hours. Seems related to the COP 15 conference.

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