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Forums > Food & Drink > Chapter One - changes?

I want to wish you good luck piers. We need all the western digs we can et here. I'm sure your attitude now will get renewed customer support.
I agree operating a restaurant/pub here has to be a real commitment on your part given the general chinese work ethic.

As far as food goes, how about scoring a real charbroil grill and do like a roasted butt chicken. Best way to use the below par Chinese beer, and you'll have a killer menu item. Set it up and forget about it. Cooks itself, don't even need to turn it. I was thinking of opening a chicken only place.... but I'm too lazy and enjoy retirement too much.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet service providers

Depending who you talk to at China Telecom, you will get a different story about their wireless policies. As I currently understand it, they do allow wireless with a max of 3 PC's connected. However what they don't tell you is that when they discover you are using wireless, they throttle down your already dismal speed. I have verified this myself using My Speed PC and Visualroute. They appear to choke your connection speed down about 20%. China Telecom will also have you believe you must also purchase their land line service before you can get their ISP service. THIS IS NOT TRUE, but you will have to press the point before they back down and just give you the ISP.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Internet service providers

I am totally frustrated with the shady terrible ISP service form China Telecom. If they find a wireless router on your account, you get blacklisted automatically. They used to just turn off your account, but now they have gotten more tricky. So they don't run into the hassel from customers who have their service stopped, they keep you connected, but firewall any data to/from your computer.
There must be alternatives to using this AT&T of China monopoly.
How about some feedback from people in Kunming using independant ISP providers. Who are they? Prices? User experience?


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I've been here 8 years. I would say that Kunming would only be an average pick for a location to live in China. Yunnan is a great province for enjoying "natural China", so by default that means living in Kunming.

Sadly, the expansion and changes here have been mostly negative. Unplanned construction, pollution, traffic, local corruption continues unchecked in Kunming. This really knocks down Kunming as a preferred destination for anyone. This poll sounds like just another sham to attract tourists to this area.

My optimistic belief is that in 7-10 years Kunming will settle down and tweak itself into a front runner city for living. It has a way to go at it's present state. I'll be patient and continue to live here and wait and see. To that end, I'm moving out to Chonggong where I bought property. Living IN the city is not that great. I often travel out of here, and so Kunming is an ideal base for that. If I had to stay here (and work) on a daily basis, that would be a very hard pill to swallow.

Now with the new petrochemical plant firing up.........that may well squash any chance of "Kunming" and "natural beauty" being used in the same sentence.

In the meantime I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.



Crap, evil, liars, unprofessional, expensive, no customer service comes to mind when I think of B&Q.


I have to agree with splitopen. This place is not worth the long drive to get there whatsoever. Crazy expensive and the play is boring. It looks thrown together and poorly built. The employees are rude. They obviously don't like their jobs. For the prices they charge, it is a rip off. I give it a few months before Hello! Haigeng Minigolf Park is just a memory.

Dr Doom, This is not the US so, yes, 40 kuai IS too much! Next time your are there, count how many Chinese customers they have. This business seems to promote an elitist attitude which I do not care for. A foreign owned business setting pricing to exclude locals is not a place I would support.

BTW, it was open in Nov, and it sounds like your are the one who owns this place......pretty lame.


The food is expensive with small portions. Quality is poor and the service is not so good. I think the servers are not happy working there which shows in their attitude. I would not recommend this place at all.