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Forums > Food & Drink > Where can I buy Brewdog beer?

i'm doing my best to drink all of the Punk IPA much closer to the source... now i know Kunming's farther downstream, i'll lay off a bit so you guys don't run dry :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Swimming in lakes?

there's a reservoir in the west of the city that's explicitly set up for swimming. it's not super easy to find, so have a poke about on Google Maps - it's off of Zhaozong Lu. expect lots of self absorbed preening Chinese males who spend a lot of time sunning themselves and far less time swimming.

i've swum in a reservoir in the northwest of the city, and i've heard of people swimming in the Songhuaba reservoir in the north east, but it's pretty clear that it's not allowed, so don't be surprised if you get thrown out. the water level thing probably means it's not a good idea anyway.

don't forget about Fuxian Lake. some of the cleanest water in the country. and, erm, the sea's not so far away:[...]

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Visa renewal.

you're having a laff, right? FECs went out with the ark. there's no China visa-on-arrival. you've got a bit of work to do to get your plan together. unfortunately, i'm sure you can find visa-ed teaching work in Kunming. maybe not around chunjie, mind.


No results found.


err, "Kunming is preparing to host..." implies to me that this game is in the future. and if we're gonna get all semantic-like, i think 'reporting' is, by definition, after the event. but maybe i've been watching too much sci-fi. seems the game is on September 2. future, innit?

40% of the city's area was my understanding... which of course is not so easy to define... the original post has 昆明市城市 - which i take to mean the city area within Kunming Shi (the larger, administrative division.) I'd assume this means the 4 urban districts (Panlong, Wuhua, Guandu, Xishan) and excludes Chenggong New Area (which I believe is slated to become an urban district at some point.)

me, i'm tickled that a 2011-2013 three-year "action plan" is being discussed/deliberated halfway through the first year. errrr, _action_ plan.

oh, and there's more fun to be had with the stats if you're bored (boring?) enough to run the numbers... the plan is to add 6965 hectares of green space, which will raise the per capita green space from 12.41sq.m to 13sq.m, an increase of 0.59sq.m per capita. this implies that the population of Kunming is 118 million. oops. [the recent census reported the population of Yunnan as just under 46 million.]

oh, but these 6965 hectares will be added in 昆明市中心城区 Kunming Shi central city area - what's that then? same as 昆明市城市? dunno. maybe shoddy reportage from 生活新报, maybe they didn't have much to work with.

i've looked into this a bit. while i'm prepared to be wrong, my conclusion is that there is no bicycle path per se. the only mentions of it i've found in Chinese are all sourced from the original announcement referenced in this post.

however, the road around Dianchi is complete, and is accessible to bikes all the way around. i'm thinking that this is what the original announcement was referring to, or maybe what the original plans were downgraded to.

including a bit of downtown distance, the lake lap clocks around 130km. there's talk of a round-lake race in July, but it's already postponed from June, so who knows if it will actually take place.



no-one's reviewed this place for nearly 3 years! i think i know why: it's solid. a bit boring maybe, but they get the job done: food on the table in good time, attentive staff, wide selection of items. the 'Prague Breakfast' is a fine feed, still good value after the recent price increase.


i joined friends here on the weekend. they were getting food and playing a game. the pizzas looked great, but my friends advised me to avoid them, saying they tasted bland.

having made a selection, it took 20 minutes for the staff to tell me that my choice was no longer available. as my friends had nearly finished their game, we then all took our business elsewhere.

helpful advice:

- if someone arrives, give them a menu

- sort out the beer selection

- if i speak to you in Chinese, speak back to me in Chinese


i've recently rediscovered this place. it's a little hit and miss, but i have to say that with a little experimentation, you can find some quality food here. while not perfect, the vindaloo is the best i've had.


i first sampled the Silver Spoon burgers a few weeks back - not bad at all, though i was unconvinced that they were 1/2 pound. another visit yesterday, and this time i was persuaded... definitely a fat burger. i was very happy with my cheese and bacon burger. diners with large appetites, be warned - you'll need a side of something to make a meal - the burger is just a burger - no fries.