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Forums > Food & Drink > Where can I buy Brewdog beer?

i'm doing my best to drink all of the Punk IPA much closer to the source... now i know Kunming's farther downstream, i'll lay off a bit so you guys don't run dry :)

Forums > Living in Kunming > Swimming in lakes?

there's a reservoir in the west of the city that's explicitly set up for swimming. it's not super easy to find, so have a poke about on Google Maps - it's off of Zhaozong Lu. expect lots of self absorbed preening Chinese males who spend a lot of time sunning themselves and far less time swimming.

i've swum in a reservoir in the northwest of the city, and i've heard of people swimming in the Songhuaba reservoir in the north east, but it's pretty clear that it's not allowed, so don't be surprised if you get thrown out. the water level thing probably means it's not a good idea anyway.

don't forget about Fuxian Lake. some of the cleanest water in the country. and, erm, the sea's not so far away:[...]

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Visa renewal.

you're having a laff, right? FECs went out with the ark. there's no China visa-on-arrival. you've got a bit of work to do to get your plan together. unfortunately, i'm sure you can find visa-ed teaching work in Kunming. maybe not around chunjie, mind.


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I think Kuixing was thinking more along the lines of 1.21 of them being needed, along with a DeLorean and a flux capacitor, for time travel. Best generated from bolts of lightning, rather than plutonium borrowed from Libyan terrorists. Ahh, that takes me back...

the technology exists. take a cab in Singapore... the signs on the outside of the cab are wonderfully clear, even to the point of naming the direction in which drivers about to go off shift are prepared to take fares. we have pointless scrolling LEDs and drivers who can't be bothered to cover up the 空车 sign when they don't want to take fares. GPS? hahaha.

starting from and returning to downtown, the old route around the lake (which is now somewhat fraught with construction work and heavy traffic) used to clock about 130km.

i'm making the assumption that the 'Dianchi bike path' is merely bike path alongside the new 'around lake road 环湖路' rather than being an independent path. Google Earth clearly shows the path that the around lake road takes, and it's significantly closer to the lake than the old route. some sections are old, some new and already open.

for reference, a circuit of Fuxian Lake is 92km. also, a lake circuit race will possibly lop off Caohai 草海 by using the Haigeng 海埂 causeway.

taking all this into account (but without actually measuring it on Google Earth, koz this machine doesn't have it installed) i'd say we're looking at somewhere in the range 90-100km for the new circuit (excluding the extra distance to get to the lake from downtown.)

i guess we'll find out on June 18, should this race go ahead. i'll be there with bells on. maybe with one bell on. unless i've taken it off to reduce weight.

the website is accessible, in so far as connections are being accepted by the server, but the homepage is throwing a 404 error (page not found.)

given these symptoms, i'd have to diagnose incompetence.



no-one's reviewed this place for nearly 3 years! i think i know why: it's solid. a bit boring maybe, but they get the job done: food on the table in good time, attentive staff, wide selection of items. the 'Prague Breakfast' is a fine feed, still good value after the recent price increase.


i joined friends here on the weekend. they were getting food and playing a game. the pizzas looked great, but my friends advised me to avoid them, saying they tasted bland.

having made a selection, it took 20 minutes for the staff to tell me that my choice was no longer available. as my friends had nearly finished their game, we then all took our business elsewhere.

helpful advice:

- if someone arrives, give them a menu

- sort out the beer selection

- if i speak to you in Chinese, speak back to me in Chinese


i've recently rediscovered this place. it's a little hit and miss, but i have to say that with a little experimentation, you can find some quality food here. while not perfect, the vindaloo is the best i've had.


i first sampled the Silver Spoon burgers a few weeks back - not bad at all, though i was unconvinced that they were 1/2 pound. another visit yesterday, and this time i was persuaded... definitely a fat burger. i was very happy with my cheese and bacon burger. diners with large appetites, be warned - you'll need a side of something to make a meal - the burger is just a burger - no fries.