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Location question

crazy.laowai (242 posts) • 0

How far is this area from the area where the expat bars and restaurants are, for example, Chapter One?

Guandu District
Yunxiu Campus
China 650220

blueice (73 posts) • 0

pretty far, but manageable if you're not traveling during rush hr and if you're patient=). you can google/baidu map it. j.map.baidu.com/a2bkf i'm not sure where in guandu yunxiu campus is, but from wenlinjie (the expat area) to the closest part of guandu is 8km which is about 30+min without traffic (which rarely happens in km) by car and ~1hr by bus.

crazy.laowai (242 posts) • 0

Ok thanks. 8km is not that bad in Beijing distance though.

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