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Kunming announces plan to increase green space

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Within the coming three years Kunming's green space coverage will be expanded to 40 percent, or roughly 13 square meters of green space per person, if a recently announced municipal government campaign is successful.

The new campaign is the third major attempt to raise Kunming's green space coverage in the last four years.

In 2007 the vast majority of Kunming's lean-tos and shops created out of spaces between buildings were demolished, after which the plots were filled with plants.

In 2008, city workers planted 800,000 trees in Kunming, often in awkward spaces such as directly below power lines or in the way of pedestrian traffic.

Kunming currently estimates that it has 12.4 square meters of green space per person, and green space coverage of 37.9 percent.

The new plan, which will run from now through 2013 contains provisions to add 2,182 hectares of park space, 1,938 hectares of "protective space", 2,845 hectares of miscellaneous small green spaces and three major green buffer belts.

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I hope they don't plan on putting more trees in the middle of the sidewalks!!!

I'd plant some on pedestrian bridges, this would make great news "Kunming driver steers VW Santana into a tree while crossing a pedestrian bridge!"

What about some of those verdant green roundabouts - you thought crossroads were bad news in Kunming. Maybe put a giant redwood in the middle of each to stop drivers taking short-cuts.

I've read, and re-read the following statement in the article, and I can't be sure I understand precisely what it means:

'Within the coming three years Kunming's green space coverage will be expanded to 40 percent........'

Forty percent of what?

40% of the city's area was my understanding... which of course is not so easy to define... the original post has 昆明市城市 - which i take to mean the city area within Kunming Shi (the larger, administrative division.) I'd assume this means the 4 urban districts (Panlong, Wuhua, Guandu, Xishan) and excludes Chenggong New Area (which I believe is slated to become an urban district at some point.)

me, i'm tickled that a 2011-2013 three-year "action plan" is being discussed/deliberated halfway through the first year. errrr, _action_ plan.

oh, and there's more fun to be had with the stats if you're bored (boring?) enough to run the numbers... the plan is to add 6965 hectares of green space, which will raise the per capita green space from 12.41sq.m to 13sq.m, an increase of 0.59sq.m per capita. this implies that the population of Kunming is 118 million. oops. [the recent census reported the population of Yunnan as just under 46 million.]

oh, but these 6965 hectares will be added in 昆明市中心城区 Kunming Shi central city area - what's that then? same as 昆明市城市? dunno. maybe shoddy reportage from 生活新报, maybe they didn't have much to work with.

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