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Forums > Living in Kunming > New Website update feedback thread

OK, OK. My other half has told me I am reactionary, so I have spent some more time diving in around the site. I'm starting to get used to it now. Give me time and I'm sure I will get there. Keep going team!

Forums > Living in Kunming > New Website update feedback thread

I respect all the time and effort that has gone into redesigning this site, but for me, I'm sorry to say that this does not feel intuitive. I'm probably a luddite and a bit resistant to change, but I loved the old site. Even the old blue and yellow seemed so familiar! All credit to the team for their initiative and foresight in trying to change for the better but the navigation is hard on this site and it will result in me not using it so much. Can we not amalgamate the features and design of the two somehow?

Forums > Food & Drink > Vegan Margerine

Butter rocks! Did you hear there was a butter shortage recently in Sweden because so many people are now convinced that butter is good for you compared to margarine or low-fat products. Personally I agree as I've been tucking in to butter and lard (sold in most Kunming wet markets) and ditched all oils except for olive oil for the last two years and seen the incredible health benefits for myself. Check out The Food Revolution video on this site (you may need a vpn). Certainly gives food for thought!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Sewer oil collecting sighting in Kunming!

harukimurakami, this is an interesting phenomenon, which, as I'm sure you know, is growing fast in other cities around the world. Closed-door restaurants at people's homes, where trust levels are a lot higher can deliver high quality cuisine at an affordable level. However, I'm sure the authorities will not want small groups of people meeting behind closed doors, so I would imagine there will be action at some point soon to stop people carrying out these revolting acts.

Forums > Food & Drink > Healthy options - identity crisis.

Hi tigertiger. Sorry to hear you don't like Chinese food - maybe worth another go at home with someone who can show you easy, good tasting recipes, without MSG, and using olive oil instead of the normal engine oil I used to see being recycled everywhere. We used to find a rice-cooker really easy and you can do a great leftover stir-fry with an egg mixed in for breakfast!.

Anyway, if you have to stick to Western food, just try this one thing: cut out all grains (that includes cereal, bread and beer).I'm serious. Interestingly we are now living in Buenos Aires. There are very few overweight people here. Guess what they eat and drink? Lots of steak and salad and wine. Only those tucking into empanadas, made of flour, or beer, are a bit fat, but most people are slimmer than the US or UK. Bottom line - cut the grains. Try it for three weeks and see if that inspires you. Go for a GF Sunday roast at Barbara's too - that should help! Good luck.


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We eat so much more complex carbs in the West. Historically the Chinese diet has been more aligned to paleo (vegetables, fruit and some meat/fish); hence their relatively good health and fitness. As soon as the golden arches arrived it was the start of the obesity epidemic. I wouldn't be so concerned about fat and exercise, more about sugar, wheat and complex carbs in all the processed food. Stop eating these and I think you will have gone a long way to stopping this getting out of control in China. I appreciate it's easier said than done.

Does anyone have any information about this new cycle path? I heard mention it was now open and there was information on GoKunming (even a website about it). I cannot find any reference to it, other than this thread from 2008. Does anyone have more information?



My wife and I went along to Slice of Heaven last night for the Sunday roast dinner. It was absolutely outstanding and made a really nice change for us. Barbara even went out of her way to make gluten-free options, including desserts, for us. It was like being at a dinner-party at home where we could meet new people. Fun was had by all. It was also great value. We will definitely be going back again.