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Just checked out the Kunming Stadium. They have the driving range set up inside the main arena itself. It starts at 18:00 every day and ends at 23:00. The price is 20 kuai. It appears this includes a basket of balls (about 30 balls in a basket) and the hire of an iron. Didn't seem to be a time limit, and it may include more than one bucket of balls, but my Chinese is atrocious.
I'd like to have a go at it, but I'm really a beginner. If there is anyone out there that speaks English who could join me there and give me a few tips on how to swing at those balls, I would more than happy to pay for them, and buy them a drink.

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I think Laotou's suggestion is an excellent one. I heard that the like's of Haobao supply organic selection boxes. Talking to a number of people here about it, they would order if they got a selection they liked. Most of the time they are left with stuff they don't want so they have stopped ordering. A pre-ordering process might be a better way for these suppliers to sell their produce, especially if there is an easy collection mechanism such as the organic market. Could they not use GoKunming to list what's available (applies to all suppliers)?

Forums > Food & Drink > Gluten-free thread

Hi Jonny,

Thanks for the information, and correcting me regarding Tamari. You are
right - I looked at the bottle we brought back and there is another name on it called Meridian, which I assume is the brand name. It also says it is gluten-free on the bottle. As you say, I'm sure there are many others.

Forums > Food & Drink > Gluten-free thread

Hi Josef,
Eating out in Kunming is not expensive, but you have to be careful about what is added to the food. When we went back to the UK last month, we brought back a number of things that we couldn't find in Kunming, as we cook at home a lot:

Soy sauce (can you imagine?!!). Virtually all soy sauce here has wheat in it. There is a brand from Japan called Tamari which is wheat-free - they probably stock it in Sweden. Other things we brought back were: stock powder, baking powder, gluten-free pasta and cheese biscuits. It depends how much you intend to cook at home.
On the restaurant front, there are a number of places that have some gluten-free items. Of course there are fabulous vegetables and fruit out here, as well as the rice, so you should be fine overall. Make contact when you are here and we will arrange to meet up and help where we can.


ps. a lot of shops will be closed for Spring Festival from this weekend. Barbara, who runs "Slice of Heaven" is doing a Sunday Roast this Sunday and is on the case regarding our gluten-free diet. Do let her know if you want to come along (and are not too jet-lagged!).

Forums > Food & Drink > Gluten-free thread

Just a quick round-robin to ask if there are any people out there who are gluten-intolerant? It would be good to share knowledge about food - sources, restaurants etc. Please make contact if you are interested.


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We eat so much more complex carbs in the West. Historically the Chinese diet has been more aligned to paleo (vegetables, fruit and some meat/fish); hence their relatively good health and fitness. As soon as the golden arches arrived it was the start of the obesity epidemic. I wouldn't be so concerned about fat and exercise, more about sugar, wheat and complex carbs in all the processed food. Stop eating these and I think you will have gone a long way to stopping this getting out of control in China. I appreciate it's easier said than done.

Does anyone have any information about this new cycle path? I heard mention it was now open and there was information on GoKunming (even a website about it). I cannot find any reference to it, other than this thread from 2008. Does anyone have more information?



My wife and I went along to Slice of Heaven last night for the Sunday roast dinner. It was absolutely outstanding and made a really nice change for us. Barbara even went out of her way to make gluten-free options, including desserts, for us. It was like being at a dinner-party at home where we could meet new people. Fun was had by all. It was also great value. We will definitely be going back again.