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Forums > Living in Kunming > Help needed for English couple to find a flat to rent in Kunming

We have just arrived in Kunming today and now need to start the search for a nice 2-3 bedroom flat with Western WC/bathrooms. Ideally 6 months but willing to consider longer for the right place. Can anybody help please?
(Colinflahive and Racefire. Are the two you mentioned still available for viewing?). Finally, does anyone know of any new apartment blocks in Kunming that have just come on the market? (We thought this might be worth a try).

Forums > Living in Kunming > Help needed for English couple to find a flat to rent in Kunming

Hi Colinflahive and racefire.
Thank you for bringing your apartments to our attention. They both sound great places and worth looking at. However, we will not be in Kunming until the second week in July (currently in Beijing), and we wouldn't want to hold up your marketing. If they are still available when we are there, we would certainly be interested in a viewing.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Help needed for English couple to find a flat to rent in Kunming

My wife and I decided to take the plunge and take a career break from corporate life in our 40's. We have really enjoyed visiting Kunming and Yunnan on holidays in the past, and now want to rent a nice 2 bedroom apartment in Kunming for 6 months.

We have absolutely no idea where to start as we cannot find any online real estate agents with an English version of their websites.

Does anyone know any such sites, or can they give us some advice on how we should go about doing this? We would like to live quite centrally and are looking to rent from about the middle of July.


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We eat so much more complex carbs in the West. Historically the Chinese diet has been more aligned to paleo (vegetables, fruit and some meat/fish); hence their relatively good health and fitness. As soon as the golden arches arrived it was the start of the obesity epidemic. I wouldn't be so concerned about fat and exercise, more about sugar, wheat and complex carbs in all the processed food. Stop eating these and I think you will have gone a long way to stopping this getting out of control in China. I appreciate it's easier said than done.

Does anyone have any information about this new cycle path? I heard mention it was now open and there was information on GoKunming (even a website about it). I cannot find any reference to it, other than this thread from 2008. Does anyone have more information?



My wife and I went along to Slice of Heaven last night for the Sunday roast dinner. It was absolutely outstanding and made a really nice change for us. Barbara even went out of her way to make gluten-free options, including desserts, for us. It was like being at a dinner-party at home where we could meet new people. Fun was had by all. It was also great value. We will definitely be going back again.