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I'd love a guide, too! If we're talking local i'll nominate best Across the Bridge Noodles that I've come across. Not sure of the restaurant's actual name but it's something like Mengzi Across the Bridge Noodles, on Xi Ba Road (西坝路)a few metres from the corner of Xin Wen Nan Road(新闻南路)。

Try the 12 RMB Claypot Across the Bridge Noodles(沙锅过桥米线)Sha Guo Guo Qiao Mi Xian。

If there's better i'd love to know. I'm always on the search for great local food.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Is Kundu safe?

Kundu is as safe as any other place on earth where people gather to get loaded. Just keep your wits about you. Never start trouble and if you find any just do as others have said, be polite and walk away. If you like to live at night, Kundu IMHO is the best place to do so in Kunming. I just wish there were more options away from the big clubs...

Forums > Food & Drink > Avocados around?

Saw them in stock at the Metro Supermarket about a week ago. Imported from South America somewhere and still rock hard.


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Was recommended this restaurant by some Malaysian friends and it did not disappoint. Still working my way through the menu but the things I've tried like the curry laksa, Hainan chicken rice, Har Mee (prawn stock noodles), BBQ pork rice, rendang curry chicken and Acar (pickled salad) all hit the spot with authentic, well rounded flavours. Not only is the food good but it's all served in a meticulously clean and comfortable environment.

Finally some decent Malaysian/Singaporean food in this town. Please don't disappear!


Ordered a cheese cake for my birthday, and I have to say that it was one of the best I've ever had for the occasion. Quality ingredients and super fresh.

As You Like knows how to bake!


On a cold Sunday night there was just nothing more satisfying than having a proper wood-fired pizza, a greek salad, a bowl of pumpkin soup, and a big glass of house red all wrapped up in a snug and cosy environment. Keep up the good work lost garden.