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Forums > Living in Kunming > Hardware in Kunming

There are a lot of small, family run hardware stores scattered throughout the city, but range is usually limited and prices pretty high. B&Q in the north near the Expo Gardens is pretty good and you can find most things you may need there, as well as more obscure foreign stuff, but again, prices can be above average.

Within city limits the best place to go is probably the hardware market on Da Guan Road (大观路) about 100m before the amusement park on your right as you approach it. Here you'll find a large area full of independent stores selling mostly everything in which to build something.

The second hand market on the second ring road is also great for buying cheap power tools and the like.

Forums > Living in Kunming > How is the Crowne Plaza in lijiang?

Stayed there when it first opened maybe about 2 years ago. Got a suite room and it was definitely international 5 star standard. Very comfortable bed, rainforest shower, flatscreen tv and a private courtyard. The grounds are nice and being on the edge of the old town makes it easy to get up and just wander in. As it just opened the restaurant was still finding it's rhythm, so it could be better now. I would stay there again.

Forums > Food & Drink > Upscale Chinese

When the folks come to town or for that special occasion, there's two restaurants i usually go to, Jia Yan (嘉宴) and Wei Cai (味彩). Both are in the Green Lake area with the former set in a beautifully restored house of a former governor of Yunnan, and the latter in gardens on the edge of the lake which is great for lunch on a warm sunny day. Wei Cai also has a plush new sister restaurant on the fourth flour of the Shun Cheng building on Nan Ping Jie. Both restaurants specialise in upscale versions of the local cuisine (滇彩) but are also heavily influenced by both sichuanese & cantonese cuisines. If you go to Jia Yan go for the Qi Guo Ji (Steamed Chicken Soup), the roast chicken or the suckling pig. It's pretty easy to order in both given the picture menus.

Both are pretty expensive in relative Kunming terms, but on that special occasion, worth it.


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Was recommended this restaurant by some Malaysian friends and it did not disappoint. Still working my way through the menu but the things I've tried like the curry laksa, Hainan chicken rice, Har Mee (prawn stock noodles), BBQ pork rice, rendang curry chicken and Acar (pickled salad) all hit the spot with authentic, well rounded flavours. Not only is the food good but it's all served in a meticulously clean and comfortable environment.

Finally some decent Malaysian/Singaporean food in this town. Please don't disappear!


Ordered a cheese cake for my birthday, and I have to say that it was one of the best I've ever had for the occasion. Quality ingredients and super fresh.

As You Like knows how to bake!


On a cold Sunday night there was just nothing more satisfying than having a proper wood-fired pizza, a greek salad, a bowl of pumpkin soup, and a big glass of house red all wrapped up in a snug and cosy environment. Keep up the good work lost garden.