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Forums > Food & Drink > Baker and pastry chef coming to kunming

Salut Maxchina,

Comme tu le sais, le pain est catastrophique, mais contrairement à ce que disent certains les baguettes au French café sont pas mal du tout. Ils font aussi des sandwichs assez décents (comme on trouverait à la Mie Câline par exemple) mais pas vraiment à emporter et petits (la moitié de ce que l'on trouverait en France).

Leur choix de pain n'est cependant pas très varié, c'est généralement du pain blanc. Les anglophones aiment bien le pain complet, aux céréales, etc., donc il faudrait miser sur la diversité pour le faire compétition.
Également les viennoiseries sont horribles, et les gâteaux à la crème trop sucrés (la chantilly en Chine est dégueulasse et ils mettent facilement beaucoup de crème au beurre trop grasse et non parfumée).
Cependant les Chinois se défendent pas trop mal sur les brioches, donc je te conseillerai de ne pas te focaliser sur ce point (du moins au début).

Je te suggère également, si tu le peux, de faire traiteur avec des plats à emporter simples tels qu'on les trouverait dans les boucheries chez nous (parts de pizza, croque-monsieur, salade composée...). Les Chinois aiment beaucoup la viande, il y a des gâteaux à la viande dans toutes les boulangeries ici, il faudrait donc les satisfaire sur ce point plutôt que de tout faire en sucré.

Ici pour manger occidental il faut soit aller au restaurant, soit cuisiner à la maison avec les produits carrefours, les plats à emporter sont rares. Le restaurant Wicker Basket en fait quelques-uns, mais c'est des trucs d'Anglais (meat pie par exemple) par contre j'ai vu que leur section à emporter marchait assez bien.

Il y a un autre Français (ou Belge, je ne sais plus) qui fait de la pâtisserie à Kunming, mais il n'a pas de magasin, il ne marche que par le bouche-à-oreille plus pour des événements que pour les particuliers. Je n'ai malheureusement pas son nom, peut être que quelqu'un d'autre pourra t'aider à le contacter.

Pense également à l'emplacement de ton magasin. French café est dans le centre-ville, ce sera ton principal concurrent, mais je pense que c'est un peu saturé là-bas et de plus les étrangers autour ne sont pas très friqués; il vaut mieux t'installer dans le nord, là où sont les vrais expats (avec leurs gros salaires) et des Chinois fortunés. Ton concurrent là-haut sera Wicker Basket, mais leurs produits sont américains (cookies, meat pie...), donc c'est pas tout à fait la même chose. J'ai entendu que les gens était assez friqués dans le Sud aussi, il y a apparemment une grosse école internationale ou tous les "fils de" vont, donc tu pourrais toucher leurs parents en t'installant à proximité. Mais je ne suis pas familière du Sud de la ville, dsl !

Forums > Living in Kunming > finding Kunming souvenirs?

I will be leaving Kmg in 2 months, I have to buy souvenirs for the family.

The bird and flowers market is indeed a tourist spot, any other recommendations for places to buy jade jewelry or Yunnan stuff ?
I know there is another bird and flowers market on the North-east, anything else ?

By the way what did you guys bring back home as a souvenir? Not heavy, not big, not overpriced?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Money transfers

I am looking into that issue as well since I will leave soon. It seems to be a headache.
From what I have understood, you have first to justify the money you are transferring. So all those income should be legal, work permit and salary justification from your company (to be sure you have paid your taxes). After that, a couple of papers to sign out, seems to be a bit long. However I have heard it's one of the cheapest way to send money abroad.

As well, if you have a Chinese friend that you trust you can go through him, since the citizens don't have such a long process to send money abroad, it's much easier for them.

Last one, if you have a union pay card you can withdraw money in your country with this card. But it seems you lose a bit of money compares to the bank transfer.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average Monthly Salary in Kunming?

You cannot point the food on each restaurants. Most of the small restaurants and baozi shops don't have pictures on the menu and the food is prepared in the back kitchen, so I don't get how you can order without being able to read characters.

Anyway, my point was despite what some people say on this forum, it's not that easy to live like a Chinese here. Again, not all of us can afford the time and the cost of studying Chinese for 6 months or a year before coming here for work. And it seems that the person who started the thread will come right away to work without having too much knowledge of the chinese language.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average Monthly Salary in Kunming?

I am on a 5000 ish salary here, and for the second semester I have got another part-time job to get more money.
It's not easy for everyone to live like a Chinese. First, the food : if you are vegetarian and/or don't like spicy food, good luck on finding anything that will suit your tastes in Kunming outside of the western bubble !
As well, if you don't speak mandarin, I doubt it will be easy for you to order baozi for breakfast or noodles for dinner... Having a Chinese bf/gf change everything and make your life way easier, but if you are alone and don't speak the language, those small things will be a struggle.

Finally, you will never get the prices a Chinese will have because you know what, you are a laowai. Depends on the place and the good to buy, the difference can be somewhere between a few kuais to a bunch of them.

All in all, don't expect that it will be easy to live like a Chinese here, especially if you don't speak the language and don't have Chinese bf/gf.

I will say that 5000 is enough to live in Kunming, even on the laowai mode but without travelling or saving money. All your 5000 will be spent on apartment/ food/ drinks/ going out.


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The food is really good, went there with 3 friends, all of us ordered different things and all of us were amazed by the food quality.

However, there is a huge problem with Silver Spoon: it's never open!

How those guys can do business? I have tried to go back there many times (I work in the area), ever the restaurant was closed (their closing day is Monday, but they are closed on Tuesday, Wednesday...) or they are open but nobody works at the kitchen so they can't do food.
You really wonder if there is someone managing this place. I feel like the staff open and/or work only when they want to.


Been there many times for bkfst, lunch or dinner. The food is good, the pasta are specially awesome, but as someone else said, avoid the pizza.
The service is usually good and the staff nice, however my friends and I were extremely disappointed by the staff's attitude the last time we went.

Prague cafe usually serves until late (9pm) and close late as well (11 pm or later). We went there for my birthday, it took forever to get served (we waited for one hour for some of the dishes, nobody was served at the same time so we had to eat separately) while the restaurant wasn't busy at all, But the worst was that the waiters literally kicked us out at 9:30pm in a quite rude way.
We were extremely surprised since it doesn't close that early usually, so we went for a last drink to Oreilly's instead. Few minutes later, the whole staff from Prague cafe went to Oreilly's as well for a get-together.

This is really unprofessional, if the restaurant was really closing sooner on that day, they should have told us from the beginning instead of kicking us out that way. I supposed the managers were not here that night, so the staff decided to close earlier for partying. Unreal.


I've heard this place was open 24h, can someone confirm ?
As well, is there any bus going directly there ?


Yes it's not around Wenlin Jie, it's downtown near Nanping jie, and it's definitely called 57.