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Forums > Living in Kunming > Teacher at university : scam ?

Ouch, that doesn't sound good.

I actually don't know Zhengzhou, do the living cost are the same than in Kunming ?
Regarding if this money is enough for a decent living, I must precise that I don't have any student loan to pay back (I actually don't have any loan at all). For food, activities and travel, it is not enough ?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Teacher at university : scam ?


First of all I am not a native english speaker so please, don't mind it if I make few mistakes.
I have got a job in one of the university of Kunming as a lecturer.
After reading few threads, I am quite uncomfortable regarding the salary I will get, and I feel I have been scamed.
I have got the package (flight tickets, free appartment on the campus all charges included, vacations for new year...) but my salary will be 3200 RMB a month for a 16h/week contract.

I read in an other thread that university teacher usually get 5000 RMB with the same package. How is that possible ?
I have got this contract through an ad on the ambassy website. For the Yunnan, the salaries were the same everywhere, around 3500 RMB. 5000 RMB was for more expensive cities like Beijing.
Is there a salary difference between English/ other language teacher ?

As well, with the Z visa I have, may I work for private schools a a part-timer ?

If I understand well, the pay is much higher there, right ?

Thanx !


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The food is really good, went there with 3 friends, all of us ordered different things and all of us were amazed by the food quality.

However, there is a huge problem with Silver Spoon: it's never open!

How those guys can do business? I have tried to go back there many times (I work in the area), ever the restaurant was closed (their closing day is Monday, but they are closed on Tuesday, Wednesday...) or they are open but nobody works at the kitchen so they can't do food.
You really wonder if there is someone managing this place. I feel like the staff open and/or work only when they want to.


Been there many times for bkfst, lunch or dinner. The food is good, the pasta are specially awesome, but as someone else said, avoid the pizza.
The service is usually good and the staff nice, however my friends and I were extremely disappointed by the staff's attitude the last time we went.

Prague cafe usually serves until late (9pm) and close late as well (11 pm or later). We went there for my birthday, it took forever to get served (we waited for one hour for some of the dishes, nobody was served at the same time so we had to eat separately) while the restaurant wasn't busy at all, But the worst was that the waiters literally kicked us out at 9:30pm in a quite rude way.
We were extremely surprised since it doesn't close that early usually, so we went for a last drink to Oreilly's instead. Few minutes later, the whole staff from Prague cafe went to Oreilly's as well for a get-together.

This is really unprofessional, if the restaurant was really closing sooner on that day, they should have told us from the beginning instead of kicking us out that way. I supposed the managers were not here that night, so the staff decided to close earlier for partying. Unreal.


I've heard this place was open 24h, can someone confirm ?
As well, is there any bus going directly there ?


Yes it's not around Wenlin Jie, it's downtown near Nanping jie, and it's definitely called 57.