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Forums > Living in Kunming > Why do miserable foreigners remain in China?

Some people like me came here because they were interested in Chinese culture and got a job with a contract in China.
Then, once they are in China, they realize all the great Chinese culture is non-existent on mainland, and many Chinese people are totally ignorant about it (tea ceremony, traditional instruments...) and don't give a damn since their all life is focused on making money and taking care of their family.

Then, people like me wait until the end of their contract complaining about China because they are disappointed with this experience and fed up of getting food poison from Chinese food.

Don't worry, we gonna leave soon, most of the contracts here don't last more than a year. But I guess if you don't want to hear people like me complaining, you should avoid westerners spots, don't go to Sals, French Café or Moondog, stay with your Chinese friends and you won't be troubled by us.

Forums > Living in Kunming > The local fauna: dating chinese guys

Oh and for the text messages, my Chinese ex was texting me few times a day, like any of my ex (from different nationalities, including western guys) no more, no less.
The only really notable difference was that he was paying for everything ALWAYS. Don't try to go against that since it's a "face" matter and one of a few thing he will not accept to change. You have to do some compromises on your side too (but who will complain about that ? lol !)

Forums > Living in Kunming > The local fauna: dating chinese guys

I have dated a Chinese guy here, didn't last long mostly due to language barrier (than cultural differences).
My ex-boyfriend used to date only Chinese girls and get tired of them (little princess complex) and wanted to date western girls because he heard they were more laid-back, open minded and less interested in money (as per him).
So basically, even if he was more serious than any other boyfriend I had before (giving me a hard time for not spending Spring festival with his family, or wanting me to meet his sister two weeks after our first date) he was quite aware than western girls were not the same than Chinese girls and that it couldn't be too serious too quickly.
He was looking for a different way of dating, more western-style than Chinese style.

I guess you have to explain to your bf than he cannot expect the same things with you than with a Chinese girl. If he wants to date Chinese-style (talking about wedding after a week) than he has to date a Chinese.

He probably wants another kind of experience with you since he already made the big step of going out with a foreigner, just help him kindly to understand the cultural differences and what is ok or not with western girls.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Worth getting TESOL diploma and Acadia TESOL school

@sbarella : I am doing right now my TESOL online with Ontesol for CAD400$.
They are pretty serious, they have accreditation and I am satisfied with the courses so far (I have done half of them).
I have chosen them after two weeks research on Internet to find the best certificate provider.

I definitely recommend them ;)

The University of Toronto is doing an online program too, but not the same price at all... if you are ok to pay more, I would suggest you to do a CELTA or a Trinity Tesol (they can be done online now).

Forums > Living in Kunming > violence at train station

Ok so let's go back to the point.
I have heard this morning that they arrested three of the suspects in another province, but cannot find a confirmation of that on Internet.
Do you guys have more information about that ?

Did they catch them all finally or not ?


No results found.




The food is really good, went there with 3 friends, all of us ordered different things and all of us were amazed by the food quality.

However, there is a huge problem with Silver Spoon: it's never open!

How those guys can do business? I have tried to go back there many times (I work in the area), ever the restaurant was closed (their closing day is Monday, but they are closed on Tuesday, Wednesday...) or they are open but nobody works at the kitchen so they can't do food.
You really wonder if there is someone managing this place. I feel like the staff open and/or work only when they want to.


Been there many times for bkfst, lunch or dinner. The food is good, the pasta are specially awesome, but as someone else said, avoid the pizza.
The service is usually good and the staff nice, however my friends and I were extremely disappointed by the staff's attitude the last time we went.

Prague cafe usually serves until late (9pm) and close late as well (11 pm or later). We went there for my birthday, it took forever to get served (we waited for one hour for some of the dishes, nobody was served at the same time so we had to eat separately) while the restaurant wasn't busy at all, But the worst was that the waiters literally kicked us out at 9:30pm in a quite rude way.
We were extremely surprised since it doesn't close that early usually, so we went for a last drink to Oreilly's instead. Few minutes later, the whole staff from Prague cafe went to Oreilly's as well for a get-together.

This is really unprofessional, if the restaurant was really closing sooner on that day, they should have told us from the beginning instead of kicking us out that way. I supposed the managers were not here that night, so the staff decided to close earlier for partying. Unreal.


I've heard this place was open 24h, can someone confirm ?
As well, is there any bus going directly there ?


Yes it's not around Wenlin Jie, it's downtown near Nanping jie, and it's definitely called 57.